Light effects on porcelain surfaces: Pietra di Brera and Grafite

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The light hues of Pietra di Brera and the darker shades of Grafite underline the expressive power of light, the primary element in Eiffelgres’s porcelain tiles and in today’s best architectural projects, in a variety of different settings

Light effects on porcelain surfaces: Pietra di Brera and Grafite
In the search for the best floor and wall coverings for the home, we often pay more attention to certain aesthetic features than to others.
The first consideration is normally colour, which remains the most important criterion for determining possible combinations with items of furniture, and in relation to the expressive significance associated with different colours.
A second element is size, which determines visual continuity and the combination or detachment of particular effects created by the tiles.
As may be seen in the gallery, in this mood we wish to demonstrate the importance of light and the various light effects that can be created with floor and wall coverings and with attentive use of space, objects and shadows.
Light is a key element in our existence, and, like air, its quality is a very important consideration when designing spaces in the home and workplace.
Light has a significant impact on our everyday activities, our ability to concentrate and our state of mind. 
The "biological aspect of light", for example, has evident repercussions on the physiological, perceptive and emotional levels, and is a well-documented field of scientific study.
In the frantic pace of everyday life, we often don’t stop to consider such aspects, as we are used to considering light as an "external factor" which simply comes into our homes.
But light is actually a very important consideration when choosing coverings for surfaces such as high-tech porcelain, and its importance is very closely connected with that of finishes, which are normally divided into the categories glossy, smooth and natural.
In designing its many collections of porcelain tiles, Eiffelgres pays special attention to the effects of light sources (both natural and artificial) on a material such as porcelain.
Eiffelgres’s mission picks up on a number of principles set forth by Louis Kahn (1901-1974), who "saw light as the creator of all presences, the starting point of design, as exploration of the shadows that could be associated with it (...) to make a surface into what it strives to be". 
Eiffelgres interprets this natural emanation of matter by creating porcelain floor and wall coverings which "follow the movement of light at all angles: from direct light to sidelight, revealing every little detail". 
Both types of Eiffelgres collection E-Style ed E-Stone reveal the power of this stylistic key: light and earth come together "to become a product for living".
Pietra di Brera is the Eiffelgres collection inspired by the natural stone of the same name, which is light in colour.
With polished, coated, natural and bush-hammered surfaces, Pietra di Brera is a highly effective solution for spaces where light is to be enhanced, particularly large living rooms and bathrooms, swimming pools and wellness centres.
This is because its light granulometry creates original dynamic effects on the surface of the tile, alternating different hues and shadows. 
Highly versatile, with a bold character despite the apparent lightness of the basic colour, Pietra di Brera cuts out an important niche for itself in the range of contemporary porcelain surfaces for its ability to suit both classic and contemporary styles.
With a natural finish, the Grafite collection expresses the identity of dark surfaces for refined spaces such as shops, showrooms, halls and offices as well as residential spaces in contemporary style.
With a softer, enveloping response to light, Grafite creates a sophisticated, almost reflective surface with a cosy, welcoming feel.
Customised pieces (15x60, 10x60, 5x60), mosaic tiles and little bricks can help underline the details of wall coverings both large and small, standing out from the wall as a whole.
Both Pietra di Brera and Grafite, with the clear contrast of light and shadow in the basic stones, express the power of light in space, underlining the hues and details of surfaces.

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