Large format Maximum porcelain stoneware tiles: a new design frontier


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The large format Maximum porcelain stoneware tiles by GranitiFiandre are an innovative product from a technological and aesthetic point of view, able to redefine every floor and covering for interiors and exteriors.

Large format Maximum porcelain stoneware tiles: a new design frontier

Contemporary surfaces are always at the centre of technological innovation and reflection by architects and designers, who are ready to capitalise on any possible improvement in performance.

Today, above all, porcelain stoneware tiles have the best technical performance and aesthetics on the floor and wall coverings market.

With its compositional ability and possibilities for combination, porcelain stoneware is a unique material on the architecture and contemporary interiors scene, thanks to its proven resistance, lightness, flexibility and malleability during work phases and installation.

Porcelain stoneware is the ideal material for floors and coverings indoors and outdoors and is today thought of and used as a real design object, due to its ability to complete, envelop and characterise floors and coverings for all kinds of spaces.

One of the most studied aspects of porcelain stoneware is its format, whose potential is expressed particularly in large format tiles like Maximum Fiandre Extralite byGranitiFiandre.

Maximum is a maxi-tile, the largest available on the porcelain stoneware market (350x150 mm) just 6 mm thick and weighing 14 kg per m2.

Its reduced thickness makes Maximum a product strongly orientated towards respect for the environment, given that 2 to 3 times less materials are used compared to quarried materials, which offers not only less consumption but also less energy needed for production.

From an aesthetic point of view, Maximum stands out as the only maxi-tile with a completely smooth finish, an element that further adds to the perceived value of the product..

Furthermore, its size allows a more uniform and homogeneous vision of the space than ever, full of light effects as the unity of design is notably less subject to visual interruption.

An important application of Maximum has recently been used in the context of Sidney Indesign, an annual event that takes place in various important cities in Asia and Australia.

With the partnership and design of the Thomas Coward studio in Melbourne, Artedomus (the sole Australian distributer of Fiandre products, through theMAXIMUM AUSTRALIA brand has created a conceptual installation The Pipers that meets the theme of the trade fair Ritual: The Art of Tradition reinterpreting the appeal and power of stone in mankind's history in a contemporary key. .

The sculptural installation evokes rituals and traditions of stone, archetypes of human history and has been created with Maximum Calacatta Statuario, Travertino and Nero Supremo finishes.

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