Just Beige and Just Grey: Porcelaingres high-tech ceramic coverings

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Creating your ideal home is easy and gratifying with high-tech ceramic coverings. Porcelaingres’s Just Beige and Just Grey surfaces make it easy to mix and match furnishings and accessories with a vast range of delicate, sophisticated intermediate hues. The potential of new-generation porcelain makes it easy to come up with your own personal version of traditional and contemporary styles on the basis of the latest design trends or your own inspiration

Just Beige and Just Grey: Porcelaingres high-tech ceramic coverings
One of the key goals of contemporary design is bringing its products into the everyday lives of the biggest possible slice of the general public, leaving behind market niches and production for a small élite clientele.
At the same time, today’s top interior designers aim to educate the eye to appreciate beauty, permitting an open visual culture, amalgamated in different styles and always respectful of the environment and quality of life.
In the age of social networks, ideas and products are instantly spread from place to place, inspiring fascinating and spectacular new projects.
It may seem difficult, if not impossible, to recreate an atmosphere or transform your home on the basis of the pictures you see on the social networks or in videos in home decorating shows on television, but in actual fact it often only takes a few simple hints and steps, along with a bit of creativity and inventiveness
As an essential element of the home, surfaces offer an optimal response to all these desires: projects far removed from traditional styles which may at first appear particularly ambitious or daring become realistic and practical thanks to an increasingly broad range of proposals.
Porcelain, a prestigious material offering top resistance and dependability, combines a series of important technical and aesthetic qualities in a single product. 
These include versatility, a vast range of colours, finishes and effects, customisation of real space and improvement of perceived space.
Even small spaces, which may at first seem prohibitive for achieving the desired aesthetic result, are no longer a problem in view of the variety of sizes in which porcelain is available.
This makes it easy for anyone to combine furnishings and accessories to their own taste, creating the perfect atmosphere in their home and the perfect technical solution to their requirements.
The Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in ceramics, has made innovation the key to its mission, because "new lifestyles demand new products". The Group’s brands include Porcelaingres, which pursues innovation through ongoing dialogue with clients, architects and designers, in search of new inspiration and opportunities for contemporary living.
Porcelaingres produces top quality porcelain collections drawing on the Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of know-how. 
Porcelaingres’s ceramic surfaces may be seen in ” the widest possible range of solutions, including unusual ones: office areas, the kitchen, living room, bathroom, external spaces like ventilated facades or large floor areas".
The Just Beige and Just Grey collections start with neutral colours, exploring intermediate hues of beige and grey. Beige and grey are two of the most refined contemporary colours, widely appreciated for the ease with which they can fit into any decorating style, the sobriety and delicacy they naturally express, their significant capacity for matching or contrasting with colours in the same range or warmer hues.
Just Beige is available in eight hues ranging from dark Super Brown to Light Beige, all finely coordinated and matched with three different surface textures. Projects completed with Just Beige reveal the refined exclusiveness, formal cleanliness and warmth of luminous ceramic floor tiles.
Just Grey conveys a feel of greater solidity and body, in eight hues covering the range from pure white to deep black. "Grey is never just grey", but the most versatile and sophisticated colour of all, ideal for the most refined contemporary styles, revealing all its solidity and dependability in effects of light and shadow, giving spaces both large and small a strong sense of identity.

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