Iris Ceramica: porcelain floors inspired by natural stone

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The visual and tactile power of Iris’s elegant, contemporary Moving and Country Stone porcelain floors is the resulting of combining the natural solidity of stone with delicate surface colours

Iris Ceramica: porcelain floors inspired by natural stone

When natural stone is the model inspiring indoor and outdoor flooring, the atmosphere of the space combines strength with delicacy.
These two aspects are only apparently opposed: in its original setting, natural stone is perceived as the element most emphatically symbolising permanence, concreteness and strength. An archetype of ancient human cave-dwellings, stone is an innate symbol of shelter, of the home and hearth.
At the same time, the surface of stone is perceived as receiving the action of rain, wind and fire: elements that make it unique and essential, but at the same time delicate and precious.

These two forms are best expressed in porcelain flooring by Iris Ceramica, a company which has always displayed attentive observation of nature and a focus on design in its collections inspired by natural stone.
Moving includes 5 colours (Beige, Steel, White, Tan and Black) which start with natural stone and "are enriched by the combined forces of earth and fire, of clays, kaolins and feldspars, making its surfaces similar to those of original stone". 
Made of a material that looks different all the time, Moving stands out for the light effects it creates, customising residential spaces and adding character to contract decorating, offices and public spaces, with equal effectiveness indoors and outdoors. Moving high-tech tiles come in 5 sober, classic colours evoking delicacy and simplicity right from the start, but with uncommon power and strength thanks to the material properties of porcelain stoneware. For particularly refined, exclusive spaces, we suggest the Tan colour.

The charm of classic style also appears in 4 variants (Grey, White, Nut and Black) of Country Stone, a collection of flooring materials intended for cosy home settings.
All the spaces in the home, from the kitchen to the living room and the bedroom, convey the same sensations of "nature and cosiness". Colours are simple, and textures have an intentionally “lived-in” look reflecting the action of nature on their surfaces.
Mosaic tiles may be used in corners and trim, in colours contrasting with the wall tiles.


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