IRIS Ceramica collections for contemporary living

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IRIS Ceramica porcelain tiles offer a starting point for design for living, establishing continuity between indoors and outdoors, creating classic and modern atmospheres and making the most of all decorating styles

IRIS Ceramica collections for contemporary living
There are plenty of magazines and web sites offering home decorating ideas and advice, especially for decorating the living room, from selecting a focal point to arranging the furniture and focusing on full and empty spaces.
But the best living projects, and the best modern home designs, always start with the choice of floor and wall coverings for the home. Surfaces play an increasingly important role in contemporary living and design projects.
Surfaces for living by IRIS Ceramica, proposed in the form of a selection of the many collections of IRIS porcelain tiles, clearly reveal how, even with different architectural projects, the look of IRIS porcelain guarantees top level quality standards, independently of the chosen furnishings and style.
These living spaces are perfect for the French Woods collection of porcelain tiles that look like wood, creating a harmonious atmosphere for refined homes capable of "establishing continuity for a vision of contemporary living".
With their nuances alternating warm and cold sensations, in seven different sizes and three surface finishes (natural, honed and outdoor), Sync is an IRIS collection offering numerous sources of inspiration for composition, starting with the decorative and graphic patterns of textiles. Sync enriches indoor and outdoor surfaces with pleasant tactile and visual sensations and a rare focus on detail, underlining the bold personality of the décor.
Melt is a collection of high-tech porcelain tiles inspired by the eternity of marble, with its veins created by the unstoppable passage of time, forming "surfaces with sumptuous decorations in art deco style, forming embroidered patterns on surfaces". 
Marble, always one of the most traditional covering materials, is rediscovered in a contemporary form with floor slabs of imposing size, the most classic wall decorations and original relief ornaments underlining the harmony of surfaces.
The Quartziti collection includes products for indoor and outdoor use, in a variety of different hues (from grey to red, from neutral to veined) expressing a bold material identity and top aesthetic quality: a modern product of design with a natural look and feel. 
Lastly, Calx, with the apparent simplicity of its neutral hues (Bianco, Panna, Sabbia, Ecru, Moka, Grigio and Antracite), in actual fact reveals its captivating old-fashioned flavour with "a vintage touch of little walls and mosaics", perfect for combining with the minimalist furnishings typical of today’s homes.

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