Iris and Diesel Living create new home surfaces



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Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living's partnership has given rise to 5 porcelain floor and wall covering solutions inspired by the industrial, metropolitan world, for contemporary homes with a bold visual impact

Iris and Diesel Living create new home surfaces

A partnership between two great brands can result in creation of prestigious, innovative products, often inventing new aesthetic models.
Such is the case of the union of two great Italian brands: Iris Ceramica, a leading maker of porcelain surfaces, and Diesel Living, the famous fashion brand's line of products for the home, which has established important partnerships with major furniture, lighting, accessories and fabrics manufacturers.
Iris and Diesel have combined their know-how to create new icons of style for porcelain surfaces in 5 moods: Solid Concrete, Industrial Glass, Camp, Stage and Hard Leather (first presented at SpazioFMG during the 2016 Milan Design Week)

The goal of the transition between two apparently unrelated forms of design (textiles and porcelain) was creation of an atmosphere for the home that naturally flows from one mood to another.
The result is a completely different ceramic product from the one ordinarily found on the market for surfaces, featuring new versions of the textures of fabrics in experimental new surfaces for the home.
In the 5 Diesel Living-Iris collections, floor and wall coverings made of porcelain, an easily workable, eclectic material, cover spaces inspired directly by industrial and urban metropolitan style.

One example is Camp, a clear "citation of military style": as a wall covering, Camp is "canvas, jute ", combined with glossy Glaze majolica; on the floor, Camp draws its inspiration directly from stone. Different colours and textures of coverings permit different light effects, literally "dressing" rooms as desired.
Industrial Glass and Solid Concrete come directly from the world of industrial archaeology: Industrial Glass draws its inspiration from big factory windows, with an aesthetic designed for a variety of different functions. The unceasing effect of time on these materials makes them ideal solutions for contemporary living, underlining the power of the material and the pluralism of its forms.
Solid Concrete, on the other hand, is a "hyper-realistic imitation of city concrete", another great example of a product offering the perfect balance between the contemporary and the lived-in look. Full of cracks, crevices and variations in hue, porcelain is expressed here in a particularly bold, only apparently simple style.
Stage is inspired by textured metal, corroded and marked by time; with a bold, evocative impact, surfaces made with Stage "say a lot about the people who choose them", establishing a bold identity and customising spaces.
The fifth Iris-Diesel Living mood is created by Hard Leather, a floor in which the "concept encounters appropriate materials, such as leather". Cross-cutting and fascinating, it is a balanced solution for spaces which are experienced as intimate and social at the same time.

Marco Privato


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