Iridium: floors and walls of pure colour

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Ariostea’s Iridium collection of porcelain tiles includes all the principal colour variants, offering architects and designers new creative potential

Iridium: floors and walls of pure colour

When colour becomes the key to an architectural project, surfaces acquire expressiveness, which is the primary element required to create a mood in interiors and determine the overall atmosphere of the living space.

This is the case of Iridium, an important collection of porcelain floor and wall tiles for indoor and outdoor use by Ariostea combining quality and technology in a single product of great visual charm.

Made of solid porcelain with addition of pigmentation to the original material, Iridium is a symphony of brilliant colours (fully 12 colours, ranging from Orange to Violet, from Champagne to Sky), "in four essential variants" capable of "dressing up" all kinds of floors and surfaces and creating a composition which is truly original, if not unique among porcelain surfaces. The many possible colour combinations are the focus of projects using Iridium tiles, suitable for all kinds of floors and walls.

Iridium has in fact been used in numerous projects in recent years, ranging from school campuses (Tressano, Reggio Emilia) to shops (WE Shop in Nijmegen, the Netherlands); from spas & wellness (Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, Umago, Croatia and Arta Terme Udine) to public places such as trade fair centres and bookshops (DZS Bookstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Moreover, the particular chromatic variety of these porcelain tiles makes them suitable for residential use, recreating the warm, intense hues of the Mediterranean tradition or creating garden spaces establishing a harmonious visual continuity between the living room and the outdoors. 

Alternatively, in spaces with less exposure to light, more intimate and cosy, porcelain may be used to underline the diffuse luminosity of the tiles and particular shades of light.

When it comes to performance, porcelain tiles remain resistant and unalterable over the years, and even their colour – their strong point – will not give in to wear and tread.

This expressive potential puts Iridium among products combining architecture with design; a vast colour palette for architects and designers to draw on to expand the potential of spaces, taking full advantage of the aesthetic resources of floors and walls.


Marco Privato


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