The importance of choosing the right size: high-tech ceramic coverings from FMG

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If you want to create an original, personalised atmosphere, choosing the right size for your wall and floor coverings is a crucial step. FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti offers a vast selection in its catalogue, from the large Maxfine size to a new addition, H270, as well as the more traditional Select. A truly exquisite colour palette that enhances the aesthetic of new spaces and renovated rooms, adding style to the incredible qualities and performance offered by FMG high-tech ceramic.

The importance of choosing the right size: high-tech ceramic coverings from FMG
High-tech ceramic surfaces make a striking first impression thanks to their aesthetic quality, which reproduces - down to the finest detail - stone, marble, wood, resin and concrete effects.
What truly stands out is the sheer variety of colours which, together with the nuances and veining of the natural materials, transforms these coverings into fully-fledged objects of design or sophisticated furnishings in their own right.
This innate beauty has made high-tech ceramic a leading product in the wall and floor covering industry, thanks to how easy to pair and versatile they are, making them ideal for any style of décor.
Of course, these qualities - which cover an ever-wider range of aesthetic options - are backed by the impressive technical characteristics of high-tech ceramic, a product that maintains unrivalled performance both indoors and outdoors, regardless of its application or intended use.
Undoubtedly the most important of these is its wide-ranging resistance to abrasions and scratches, contact with cleaning agents and heat sources, and even direct sunlight.
Thanks to its specific structural properties, such as its composition and non-absorbency, ceramic slabs remain unchanged over time, thus staying exactly as beautiful as the day they were laid.
This is made possible by the prudent choices made during production, starting from the careful selection of the finest clays, sands and minerals, before moving to the manufacturing stage, where technology accurately reproduces the aesthetics created by nature over the course of centuries, namely extremely high compaction pressure (480 kg/cm2) and a firing temperature that exceeds the heat of volcanoes (1300°C and beyond, as against 1100°C).
In this overview, however, it is also worth mentioning some of the other aspects that make high-tech ceramic a truly one-of-a-kind material, namely the formats available.
This advantage is clearly showcased in the rich product catalogue from FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, a company with decades of experience in the ceramics sector and one of the icons of Italian-made quality, widely recognised as one of the major players in wall and floor covering solutions.
Some of its many and varied applications are such highlights as the Stockholm Waterfront, the Hotel Metropolitan in Tokyo, St. Louis airport in the US, and Milan’s Teatro Nazionale.
Maxfine, the H270 range, and the traditional Select format
In terms of formats and sizes, FMG is a trailblazer in the ceramics sector, offering countless innovative laying patterns, perhaps most notable with the “first maxi slabs measuring 3x1.5m, a size which allows for a great many different applications of the material”.
Applications ranging from wall and floor coverings for large buildings and surfaces, such as hotel lobbies, airports, metro stations and shopping centres, all the way to smaller spaces both commercial and residential - not to mention the various possible customised furnishing elements, such as staircases, cupboard doors, and countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.
With the large size and minimal thickness of Maxfine - which comes in a range of submultiples - creating spaces full of character and aesthetic appeal is simple, allowing for genuine visual and material continuity between different rooms and surfaces.
In addition to the large Maxfine size, with the H270 range, two new sizes have been added to the collection - 120x120 cm and 270x120 cm - further expanding the world of design and composition options open to designers. 
This size is available in the Marmi Maxfine range, with colours including White Calacatta, Bianco Venato Extra, Calacatta Grey, Aosta Green Marble, Black Marquina, Sahara Noir and the surfaces Venice Villa Zinc and Venice Villa Ivory, as well as in two new arrivals in the FMG catalogue: Tyrol Stone and Lunar Stone.
The H270 range is a solution that optimally satisfies various design requirements whilst also minimising wasted materials during installation.
These provide ideal options for new builds, but are also suitable for renovations (without the need to remove existing materials), and designed “to simplify installation as they are easy to handle, can be transported to upper floors on stairways and are easily and effortlessly installed”.
A third option for finding the size best suited to you comes in the way of the more traditional 60x60 cm and 120x60 cm modules from the Select collection, which you can view in the gallery, embellished with a series of captivating patterns.
Comprising 22 colours and 4 different surfaces, the Select range offers a colour palette inspired by different types of marble, each one elegant and original, as well as onyxes and precious stones.
Some highlights of the Select collection include the most sought-after types of white marble, archetypes of beauty recognised both in Italy and internationally (Calacatta and Calacatta Oro, Bianco Venato Extra and White Calacatta); famous black variants such as Sahara Noir and Dark Marquina; and warm shades including Travertino and Gaudi Stone.
Meanwhile, the varieties of onyx in the Select range, from Alabastrino to Onice Giada, cover a truly unique colour spectrum that is sure to bring out the best in any room, large or small.
Two new green options have also recently joined the Select collection: Aosta Green Marble and Connemarble Irish, both trendy, innovative types of marble that are widely appreciated for their attractive and elegant design.
The vast selection of sizes offered by FMG, from the largest slabs to the classic options - along with the many possibilities opened up by their patterns - represents a wellspring of creativity which can be used to bring to life tailor-made, highly personalised spaces based on your own tastes or the latest trends in interior design.

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