The ideal home: Soft Concrete tile solutions

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Perfect both inside and out for a host of different furnishing styles, Soft Concrete floor and wall coverings by Porcelaingres meet a wide range of needs and functions, thanks to their pale colour palette that is at the same time soft, essential and material. Their versatility is an added value for customising any space in the modern home.

The ideal home: Soft Concrete tile solutions
Rustic and contemporary, with trendy or minimalist colours, with a vintage or high-tech feel.
Theideal home is not the result of a single inspiration, but is a collection of experiences, images, desires, needs and emotions that overlap and create the only truly relevant aspect:customising your domestic space.
There are no websites, TV programmes or showrooms that can give a single answer or determine specific choices for our home.
At best, they can offer elements of inspiration and advice and make some steps easier. They can stimulate and help us make decisions, but these will always be the result of a personal process and will have to meet the functionality that is required, the needs of the moment and those of a specific context.
One of the aspects that most influences the choice of materials for the home is therefore versatility, the ability to adapt to inevitable changes that will take place over time and the possibilities of matching aesthetics with other materials.
As essential elements in the home, surfaces need more thought than any other furnishing item or accessory, all of which can be changed or altered easily.
Surfaces not only provide the backdrop for our everyday life, but are also an architectural element to be chosen properly, both for their versatility and for their technical performance in the long term.
Floor and wall coverings are some of the most representative elements of contemporary design, because they have a series of practical and aesthetic features that stand out immediately.
Designers often prefer ceramic materials, because they provide the best solutions to the many needs of all the spaces in the home.
High-tech ceramics is an absolute reference point in the surface market, for its properties and ability to reinvent itself through colours, effects and finishes that increase the possibilities on offer.
Neutral colours and textured surfaces inspired by natural stone, concrete and resin are the most suitable for combining with any style, from modern to vintage.
These features can be found in the extensive catalogue of porcelain tiles by Porcelaingres, with a colour palette inspired by stone, resin, concrete and wood, primarily in pale, natural, essential and clean colours.
Characterised by "constant dialogue with clients, architects and designers" aimed at capturing new inspirations and variations in the ceramics market, Porcelaingres tile production is in the vanguard of all themes linked to innovation and environmental sustainability, through its plant in Vetschau, Germany, one of the leading production plants of its type and size in Europe.
As an Iris Ceramica Groupbrand, Porcelaingres exploits the know-how of one of the historic Italian ceramics brands, a guarantee of quality and an international point of reference for the sector.
The gallery shows various solutions from the porcelain slab collection Soft Concrete, inspired by “the typical traditions of France during the belle époque and the elegant residences of the upper classes”.
Even the name Soft Concrete identifies "the strongly material and, at the same time, soft" combination that makes an easy choice for its undeniable ability to match a wide range of styles and uses. Some of the most important are for interiors and exteriors in a contemporary or shabby chic style as well as in rustic and retro settings.
To further confirm the immense versatility of Soft Concrete slabs, every space in the house can be covered just as effectively, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even to open spaces like the living room, patio or terraces.
These solutions are obviously not only for the home, but are just as effective in commercial spaces, offices and outdoors, where natural colours blend perfectly with green spaces.

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