The harmony of marble and stone: Royal Stone floors and walls

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Among the world’s best-loved materials for covering floors and walls, marble and stone express unrivalled evocative power and attraction. Porcelaingres translates these properties into the Royal Stone collection, centring around simple, material neutral hues displaying bold dynamism and character in a refined, delicate collection of ceramics for interiors of all kinds

The harmony of marble and stone: Royal Stone floors and walls
Stones and marbles are natural materials that have always conveyed sensations of strength, resistance, compactness and inalterability right from the first glance.
Their properties are the result of long processes of aggregation of numerous minerals which have solidified or accumulated through sedimentation over millennia.
These unique qualities make marble and stone perfect materials for covering surfaces inside and outside the home, where people are increasingly demanding a top-level combination of technical, aesthetic and functional performance.
Marble- and stone-effect surfaces also have great evocative power, meaning added value for architects and interior designers, making all the difference in creating atmospheres for spaces of all kinds, not only in residential projects but in projects for hospitality, catering and wellness.
Stone can give spaces a new identity with its natural ability to create fluid, harmonious atmospheres that can easily be matched with a variety of different styles and furnishings.
And, as in all other images, the perceptive value conveyed by a surface is just as important as its technical and functional performance, perhaps even more important when it comes to the interior dimension and personal taste.
Rather than an individual colour or a particular shade, the designer’s goal is to come up with a product that makes it possible to evoke positivity, creating pleasing, comfortable spaces with surfaces of great attractive power that draw people to look at and touch them.
Few natural materials possess all these properties, characteristic of the best quality stones and marbles.
High-tech ceramic increasingly focuses on marble and stone, creating ceramics in which technical and aesthetic value and design are key elements and at the same time the ultimate goal of the entire production process.
The Iris Ceramica Group is a world leader in Italian design and manufacture, producing top-quality ceramic products since 1961 for all kinds of architectural projects: residential, commercial, public and industrial.
The Iris Ceramica Group’s many brands offer a highly diverse range of products and services drawing on decades of know-how in the industry, oriented toward "ongoing research into improvement of quality and innovation for the environment".
The Iris Ceramica Group produces innovative ceramic floor and wall coverings using innovative technologies drawing on the heritage of traditional Italian craftsmanship, complying perfectly with the strictest sustainability standards applicable to both processes and products.
The process begins with observation of nature and rigorous selection of raw materials, laying the foundations for creation of top-quality ceramic products.
The Group’s key brands include Porcelaingres, maker of top-quality porcelain stone and marble slabs such as those in the Royal Stone collection and the new Great Royal Stone collection of maxi-slabs.
In its cutting-edge production plants, Porcelaingres produces numerous collections expressing all the key values of the Iris Ceramica Group, based on quality, sustainability and creativity.
Royal Stone combines stone and marble in a single collection of surfaces combining the solidity and beauty of the two natural materials.
Particularly recommended for floors and walls with a minimalist look, Royal Stone is a collection with a solemn, timeless, almost monumental feel, created through the simultaneous presence of veins and clouds of marble, associated with the basic simplicity of stone.
These aspects guarantee " surfaces with high variability to confer a sense of motion and a natural, one-of-a-kind personality to this collection".
Royal Stone is available in 5 variants following today’s interior design trends based on neutral background colours. 
The beige, grey and brown hues of Imperial Brown, Palladium Grey, Noble Beige are Platinum White are joined by the fascinating dark shades of Black Diamond.
Large slabs of minimal thickness characterise the recent new addition to the range, the Great Royal Stone line (available in the sizes 300x150 cm, 150x150 cm and sub-multiples, and the colours Black Diamond, Palladium Grey and Platinum White), further emphasising the material continuity and aspects of spatial perception characteristic of the collection while providing an outstanding solution for use in custom-made furnishings.

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