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GranitiFiandre’s focus on the environment and green spirit are clearly revealed in wall and floor coverings produced from “ecological materials”, made from at least 40% recycled materials while continuing to offer all the beauty, strength and durability traditionally associated with porcelain

GranitiFiandre: environmentally sustainable porcelain tiles Sustainability is a very important consideration in production of porcelain tiles today.
Making porcelain floor and wall coverings means using primarily natural materials (quartz, kaolin, clay, silica and natural colorants), avoiding use of sealants, waxes, epoxy resins, artificial binders and colorants "which could release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment after use".

Commitment to the environment is a key feature of GranitiFiandre’s production of high-tech porcelain floor and wall coverings, designed to be made using these methods.
GranitiFiandre’s many collections of porcelain tiles, anticipate future uses of the coverings, determining their long-term sustainability.
Making a porcelain tile that will last for decades means guaranteeing strength and maintenance: 30% harder than granite, with very low porosity, porcelain floors offer a guarantee of strength and stain-resistance that makes it unnecessary to use chemical cleaning products.
Leed certified management of production and commitment to the environment guarantees the green nature of buildings where these tiles are used.
On the basis of these environmentally sustainable policies, GranitiFiandre has added numerous collections to its list of "ecological materials", presented here. 
These are porcelain tiles offering advanced technical performance, made using latest generation Leed certified technologies permitting recycling of up to 40% of the materials used in production of ceramics, returning them to the production cycle.

These collections include elegant Maximum marble-like maxi-slabs, such as Glam Bronze, Calacatta Light and Statuary, Royal Marfil and Travertine, available in various different sizes with a reduced thickness and with glossy or semi-gloss finishes.
Spaces covered with porcelain maxi-slabs are the result of a green production process, require only minimal maintenance, and combine the power of classical taste with the innovative look of contemporary décor, drawing on Italy’s long tradition of making ceramics, standing out in particular for their “unique colouring and ever-different veins ”.
The New Ground collection, available in 6 different colours (Brown, Grey, Silver, White, Beige, Anthracite), creates a relaxing, warm, cosy atmosphere. 
Inspired by various earth hues, autumn colours, snow, sand and the vigour of the earth, New Ground is appropriate for a great variety of different uses in residential constructions and the contract industry, commercial spaces and restaurants, maintaining a mood of sobriety and simplicity.

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