FMG stone effect flooring for today’s rustic atmospheres

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FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti produces the Pietre collection of porcelain tiles in a contemporary style recalling rustic Mediterranean atmospheres from a carefully studied combination of clays, sands and minerals, reproducing the natural processes of rock formation

FMG stone effect flooring for today’s rustic atmospheres
Natural stone maintains all the aesthetic qualities that have made it an essential element of human constructions since antiquity for use in today’s architectural projects.
Human beings have always used stone in a great variety of ways, from the figurative arts to land art and from boundary markers to cathedrals; natural stone still fascinates us with its strength, its simplicity, and its ancestral bonds with the earth.
Today, natural stone can be manufactured using advanced technologies to combine clays, sands and minerals.
This technology gives us original materials such as high-tech ceramics with advanced aesthetic properties, through industrial recreation of pressure and fire: the conditions that take place in nature as a result of tectonic movement and heat in the top layers of the earth’s crust. 
The result is new generation FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti porcelain tiles. The advanced performance of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti ceramic tiles is a result of the initial selection of clays, sands and minerals, used in their purest form; of compacting under extremely high pressure (480 kg/cm2); and of firing at a temperature even higher than that of a volcano (1300°C or more, as compared to 1100°C).
The production process is, moreover, ecological as FMG materials are obtained without destroying or compromising the environment.
The result of the procedure is an aesthetically valuable high-tech ceramic which offers the same performance as natural stone, offering strength, easy cleaning, easy laying and water absorption that meets the requirements of the strictest standards.
What’s more, FMG porcelain surpasses the performance of the natural material that inspires it, eliminating possible defects such as cracks, flaking, porousness or colour flaws.
FMG dedicates many of its collections to the stone effect, including Ardesia, Parana, Rock, Supreme, and Trax, as well as the large Maxfine slabs of the Citystone, Limestone, Pietra del Brenta, Pietre Maxfine and Pietre Twenty+ collections made "to create a stronger surface for withstanding external stress and creating an elegant effect of continuity and depth".
Pietra Moleanos, Pietra di Gerusalemme and Porfido Brown are three collections inspired by the stones of the same name, ideal solutions for indoor and outdoor floors, wall coverings and staircases.
Pietra Moleanos is a refined limestone from Portugal, recognisable by its characteristic speckling in hues ranging from cream to beige, available with the FMG natural, brushed and Active finishes (link).
Warmer Pietra di Gerusalemme has a "deep golden colour with beige veins, gradually blending brown into white". A stone for covering prestigious surfaces with all the beauty of Mediterranean architecture, available with polished, pre-polished and tumbled finishes.
Porfido Brown is a porcelain tile with a brown background, in hues ranging from ochre to dark brown, available with a polished, flamed or pre-polished finish.
Its aesthetic properties suiting it to a great variety of styles that never go out of fashion make the Pietre FMG collection particularly suitable for contemporary home interiors and exteriors in a modern rustic style. Its practicality makes it ideal for public places and restoration projects, and for commercial spaces where a combination of tradition and innovation is required.
These include Vigne Regali in Strevi (Al), the Oasis Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield, England, the renovation of the historic Zanin Distillery in Zugliano (Vi), and the Sportschule swimming pool in Altreichenau (Germany).

Marco Privato


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