Fjord floors and coverings: the strength and atmosphere of stone

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Porcelain now explores the world of stone colour, to gain inspiration and offer new interpretations of indoor and outdoor spaces. The Fjord collection by GranitiFiandre is inspired by Scandinavian stone, with a range of neutral shades that fit perfectly with many contemporary styles, maintaining all their appeal and elegance in any situation.

Fjord floors and coverings: the strength and atmosphere of stone
A primordial material that dominates nature, stone has always had an appeal and influenced human construction, thanks to its strength and resistance, and even now it is still a favourite with most designers.
In contemporary design, natural stone is also recognised above all for its aesthetic qualities , which still have an ancestral, timeless appeal today.
Porcelain, the main ceramic material for modern floors and coverings, is inspired by many kinds of stone, reproducing all the technical and aesthetic features of quarried materials.
Its production improves the composition and performance of the original material, but it also reproduces every detailand all theindividual features present in nature.
The end product is more resistant than the original, as defects like cracks, porousness, schistosity and pitting are eliminated and it is also as attractive as possible, as colour imperfections are removed.
Porcelain is an innovative product in which technology looks to tradition and nature, respecting and reproducing what takes place through entire geological eras.
With an increasing focus on sustainability and respect for human beings,, Granitifiandre, an Iris Ceramica Groupbrand, has created solid porcelain products since 1969. Initially designed only for surfaces with a high level of foot traffic, over the years porcelain has become a top of the range product used in all projects, from homes to offices, spaces for wellbeing and all public places.
Features like impermeability, resistance and longevity have made and continue to make a difference in its relationship with every other ceramic and non-ceramic product.
All the possible varieties of stone, including concrete and resin, as well as marble andgranite, are today faithfully reproduced by Fiandre to create serene, comfortable environmentsin essential shades that can be combined with warm, enveloping colours or follow contemporary trends to produce highly customised spaces.
Considering the potential of stone, GranitiFiandre has now created the Fjord collection inspired by "the enigmatic charm of Scandinavia: here nature itself, with its strength, erodes the rock to create beguiling protrusions and dips which stand proudly and solemnly on the North Sea".
The seven shades White, Sand, Beige, Brown, Grey, Dusty andBlack contain unique tone-on-tone mottling and clouding that enrich the base shades.
The pale, material base colour expresses a gentle, natural beauty that is extremely contemporary with its subtle range of natural suggestions.
The Fjord collection, with its neutral base, is perfect for a wide range of modern styles, both indoors and out.
As an indoor flooring or covering, Fjord offers a soft, welcoming feel, easily matching colourful décor and guaranteeing a linear, harmonious overall effect.
Contemporary style, based on neutral shades and essential shapes, is easily achieved with Fjord porcelain slabs and minimalist décor.
It is also perfect forindustrial style furnishings, where rough elements and iron and concrete are a great match for the neutral shades of Fjord.
Its material nature is also perfect for green outdoor spaces, as well as terraces and pathways, maintaining a uniform colour and shine.
Fjord is now Maximum in White, Sand, Grey, Dusty and Black with new 300x100, 150x100 and 100x100 cm tiles: maxi-slabs that "with all the high strength performance of porcelain stoneware and the uninterrupted aesthetic that only large slabs can provide ", just 6 mm thick.

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