Estyle Eiffelgres: the harmony of porcelain surfaces

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Eiffelgres’s Estyle collection underlines minimalist spaces with the properties of porcelain surfaces. Light and earth harmoniously become a single material for contemporary spaces, making the most of every detail of colour

Estyle Eiffelgres: the harmony of porcelain surfaces

When designing a minimalist space, architects aim to underline the few elements involved and the aesthetic qualities of the surfaces that cover them. 
As in music, where pauses are essential parts of the score, in minimalist design coverings are of decisive importance in determining the overall harmony of the space.
The qualities of the material emerge from indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings to create an atmosphere and an overall mood, underlining the silent power of empty spaces.

In its vast range of porcelain tiles, Eiffelgres explores the properties of matter with countless different effects; in the Estyle collection, the emphasis is on the potential of light and the effect of lights and shadows.
Estyle includes lines of high-tech porcelain tiles "dedicated to a style (...) establishing harmony between nature and form, thought and image, tiles that are made out of earth to express the signs that generate shadows".
As revealed in numerous recent projects, Eiffelgres’s floor and wall tiles are ideal for all the sites of contemporary architecture, indoors and outdoors: from private residences to big housing developments; shops both large and small; hotels, events and trade fairs; public places. Light is an especially important element of the design of Eiffelgres’s Estyle tiles.
Starting with Louis Kahn’s studies in which he "saw light as the creator of all presences, the starting point of design, an exploration of the shadows that may be associated with it (...) to make a surface into what it wants to be," Eiffelgres has created floor and wall covering modules which respond to the movements of light at all angles, from straight on to sidelight, underlining the details to evoke elements of "emotion and desire"
In the Estyle gallery shown here, featuring the Atmosphere and Landstone collections, we may find light and earth joined together to become a product for living.

Atmosphere, available with two finishes (matt and patina) and 5 colours (Arctic, Earth, Ground, Ash and Space) combine harmoniously with elements in the urban and natural landscape. 
Such harmony between the built environment, earth and space is indispensable in contemporary architecture. The colours of LandStone (an addition to the Tone Programme designed by Mauro Bellei) are clearly inspired by the earth and nature: Ginger, Shore, Chili, Tobacco, Coal and Paper.
The name itself is a clear reference to different soils, to different surface layers on our planet with different mineral compositions. But Land is now a wider-ranging concept, also incorporating Land Art, the movement that first emerged in the late sixties which reinterprets "uncontaminated natural spaces, such as deserts or lakes, through pioneering artworks" by numerous artists (Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer, Richard Serra or Dennis Oppenheim).
Landstone porcelain tiles, including mosaic pieces, interweave earth with architecture and can easily be coordinated with the GreigeTone collection, with which they share the same structure and colour shading.


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