Elegant and versatile: Porcelaingres ceramic slabs inspired by natural stone


A great number of Porcelaingres high-tech ceramic collections are inspired by natural stone, with its many textures offering instant appeal, simple backgrounds, sobriety and clean forms. Along with an easily mixed and matched colour palette, these are the strong points of a look that has always been instantly recognisable and popular, ideal for coverings in a variety of sectors, from residential constructions to the contract industry, from wellness to catering

Elegant and versatile: Porcelaingres ceramic slabs inspired by natural stone
Natural stone is the key element in numerous successful interior design projects.
Appropriate for a great variety of styles, natural stone manages to define the atmosphere of vintage, modern and ultra-contemporary spaces with its textured surfaces conveying compactness, elegance and vigour.
Its appeal is the result of a perfect balance of a few simple elements: colour, above all, recalling earthy materials such as sand, rocks and minerals. 
The range of colours characteristic of natural stones is normally neutral, with a prevalence of beige and grey hues. As in nature, at either end of the colour palette are subtle, unsaturated hues of black and white

Neutral colours, the top trend of recent years, permit a great variety of creative combinations and compositions that can easily be combined.
Other aspects characterising the look of natural stones are formal cleanliness and sobriety. These are the reasons why natural stone is instantly recognisable, giving off a natural sense of warmth and hospitality. In a total look approach, interiors and exteriors can communicate through an architectural vocabulary that naturally interacts with the landscape and other buildings.

Natural stone is one of the key aesthetic references in high-tech ceramic, a material that has risen to success over the years as the ideal covering for public and private spaces. It reproduces the process of natural sedimentation to create a material that is long-lasting, resistant to stress and blows, unalterable and easily maintained.
The top brand in the Iris Ceramica Group, Porcelaingres offers numerous collections inspired by natural stones, perfect for laying in a variety of different settings, from residential buildings to the hospitality industry, catering and wellness.

Royal Stone is a collection combining "the solidity of stone with the elegance of marble". Available in five shades, Black Diamond, Imperial Brown, Palladium Grey, Noble Beige and Platinum White, Royal Stone stands out for its prestigious look created by the subtle veins and clouding characteristic of marble and the simplicity of stone. The final product is at the same time "solemn and minimalist, powerful and delicate". 
The variability of the stone’s faces adds motion and character to a collection that has recently expanded its range with the Great Royal Stone line of maxi-slabs, available in the 300x150 cm size and a variety of sub-multiples.
In the three maxi slabs selected, Black Diamond, Palladium Grey, and Platinum White, large size underlines the continuity of texture and the lightness of a maxi-slab only 6 mm thick, giving it great potential for the contract industry and for creation of customised solutions.

In the gallery here, we also present Silk Stone, a collection combining a number of opposites: lightness and robustness, elegance and vigour, delicacy and power.
In Silk Stone, "the impalpability of silk meets the material nature of stone": the result is a product characterised by a refined concreteness, recalling combinations with precious materials such as gold and marble, but also with simple materials such as wood and raw earth. 
The delicate decorative proposal adds a note of prestige to the collection with "an ornamental motif that transforms the porcelain covering into wallpaper with a fresh, delicate look".
Decorative motifs can be used alone in flooring to create the effect of a "textured carpet", or they can gracefully and elegantly frame a great variety of furnishing elements. 

Marco Privato

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