DYS - Design Your Slab: new customised surfaces for design 2020

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The strength of GranitiFiandre high-tech ceramic and the innovative on-demand decoration service of DYS - Design Your Slabs by Iris Ceramica Group combine to present customised high-tech ceramic slabs capable of becoming fully-fledged furnishings, both for the home and for outdoor urban spaces. DYS represents a new form of aesthetics and communication, made to measure for maximum customisability of spaces

DYS - Design Your Slab: new customised surfaces for design 2020
Of the products set to be on trend for 2020, Made in Italy porcelain remains the most reliable on the market of ceramic materials.
Its combination of technical and aesthetic properties make it an ideal covering material for homes of any style of trend or design, be they classic, modern or contemporary.
The qualities of full-body porcelain include resistance to scratches, shocks, frost, abrasions, mechanical stresses and frequent footfall.
This resistance is a direct consequence of the near-perfect waterproofness of a material made with technological processes that are modelled on the natural ones, yet at a faster pace, starting with the careful selection of raw materials.
The result is an extremely high-performance covering material which, over the last two decades, has been undergoing a constant product aestheticisation process.
As a result, nowadays porcelain reproduces unparalleled aesthetic features and effects typical of materials such as marble, resin, natural stone, wood and concrete.
GranitiFiandre, an Iris Ceramica Group’s brand and a landmark in Italian-made high-tech ceramic, supplies over 110 countries worldwide with its many options in wall and floor coverings.
GranitiFiandre "places people and their wellbeing at the heart of its business by pushing to seek out solutions conducive to the improvement of their quality of life", constantly increasing its attentiveness to the values of environmental sustainability.
From the large Maximum size to more traditional offerings, GranitiFiandre offers an extensive range of solutions which are surprising from both a technical and an aesthetic point of view, creating new visual parameters and raising the creative bar with solutions once thought to be impossible.
One clear example of this is the innovative and complete on-demand decoration service dubbed DYS - Design Your Slabs for Fiandre ceramic slabs, applicable to both GranitiFiandre’s Maximum and traditional or made-to-measure sizes.
The DYS technology, promoted by Iris Ceramica Group, makes it possible to create any illustration, photograph or complex graphic image desired, all on the entire range of sizes of ceramic available, thus considerably expanding the options available to designers.
As such, the spaces in homes, businesses, or even public areas can be decorated however you wish, opening new possibilities for creativity and interior design in 2020.
In urban public spaces, DYS also makes it possible to imagine a new form of visual communication between homes, neighbourhoods and cities.
Due to their decorative nature, these customisable slabs are also ideal as furnishings in their own right and can be laid on counters, furniture, cupboard doors, or to frame walls, treating them as works of art to admire.
On these technical premises, aiming for maximum customisability of your living and working environments, DYS - Design Your Slabs is a system that dramatically increases the artistic and decorative options available, allowing for all your aesthetic desires to be implemented in a tangible way.
The reliability of GranitiFiandre’s porcelain also guarantees the best colour rendering in the long term, for both indoor and outdoor applications.
In fact, there are “unlimited possible applications for Design Your Slabs: from large indoor spaces in the residential and commercial fields, to external walls, to building façades, up to elements of urban design”.
In terms of performance, the extremely high quality of Fiandre’s porcelain allows for extraordinary resistance to UV rays, meaning it remains unchanged in the long term.
The ceramic product is also fireproof, smog-proof and resistant to both moulds and mosses: all “durability factors that make Fiandre slabs, with DYS technology, particularly suitable also for outdoor use, such as the redevelopment of public or commercial urban areas”.
To fully respond to demands and expectations, a team of professionals will follow the custom design created with DYS, in complete freedom.

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