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I am Italian but I spent fifteenth years of my childhood growing up in Malaysia. I returned to Italy, to my origins, to study architecture for five years at Politecnico (Milano), with one year spent abroad in Beijing for an exchange. I have always been torn on which dress suits me best. Brought up by two very Italian parents, I have assimilated Western culture; while, having attended an extremely modern American school, a little refinement and a slight accent of American pragmatism has deeply influenced my attitude. However, my daily life in Asia has left a strong imprint and vibrant tint to my world’s vision.

I haven’t always been a writer, if not by passion, I often cross-pollinate between realms of visual communication.  My passion for visual expression has allowed me to indulge in my own obsession to identify myself with space, objects and people. Still today I feel this necessity, maybe for my too entangled roots. I am very interested in the perspectives that merge from different ways of thinking and behaving: this overflows my mind with ideas and, contaminated by the extraordinary mix of opportunities, I am enthusiastically drawn to explore, approach and capture personalities and situations. I relate with this thirsty spirit of inquiry, even with architecture, design and visual media. I like to work in projects able to express dynamism and my will is to offer a stage also to young. I understand that I am able to express my voice giving a voice to others.

During my year in the burning red nation, I began to view architecture under more optimistic sight: China’s extremely heterogeneous landscape and rapid blooming economy gave the possibilities of open experimentation on a fertile ground. This context has provoked me to feel more familiar in a foreign territory. 

After finishing my master, I began to work with a magazine, The Plan: Architectural & Technologies Details. The editorial environment was just the channel to conjugate my passion in cinema/film and creative/critical writing. I had the chance to approach with a real contact the variegated sectors rotating around architecture and I was entangled by the hybrid of this interdisciplinary field, offering endless opportunities of collaboration.

We live an era where everything slides fast and the only chance we have, I think, is to follow the dynamics of a world that continually reinvents itself, trying to identify and collect stimulating suggestions, visions, re-proposing their innovative freshness with equally inspirational positive energy. It is right to search, to nourish ourselves with new narratives, innovative ideas, different from ours:  a reciprocal influence can give rise to a concrete contribution to the reality in which we live and work.

“Niche of an Architect” represents a corner to share personal moods, considerations, notes about the architectural panorama, a place to encounter protagonists of this world and have a meaningful chat together.





The tangible three-dimensional fluidity of Edoardo Tresoldi’s hypnotizing works unfolds in space, obtaining an enthusiastic consensus hymn all over the world. Filaments, lines and segments densely intersect exploding in the sky, volumetrically amplifying architectural signs, mainly re-proposing a classical...

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 “Can the human mind master what the human mind has made?” --Paul Valéry.




"It was forgotten that a tradition exists only unconsciously and that it cannot tolerate being interrupted. An imperceptible continuity is its essence."- Paul Valéry. The Palace of Piazza Cordusio,3 prestigious historical landmark in the 90s for financial and economic Milanese life, home to the Stock Exchange and subsequently the Post and Telecommunications, continues its vocation of...




Architectural design has to deal with two strong, distinct realities: global and local, internationalism and nationalism and frequent consequences of this dichotomy are cross-contaminations and...

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