Dark kitchen countertops for every style of contemporary kitchen

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With their charming and elegant mood, SapienStone’s dark-coloured kitchen countertops characterise the designs of innovative and contemporary spaces, as in the case of the new ARCH+ magazine headquarters in Berlin. Intensity and shine go hand-in-hand with performance for this porcelain from Iris Ceramica Group, unrivalled in terms of resistance and ease of maintenance

Dark kitchen countertops for every style of contemporary kitchen
Dark-coloured kitchen countertops are a mark of contemporary design that adds an unparalleled level of charm to the entire kitchen environment, whatever the furnishing style.
Dark kitchen countertops are aimed both at lovers of classical elegance and at anyone who treats the spaces of their home in a more informal way, as well as those who are always on the hunt for high-tech solutions and the most sophisticated new arrivals in the sector.
Indeed, dark countertops are greatly appreciated due to their aesthetic, which is redolent of, for example, marble, natural stone, graphite and anthracite. Versatile and always elegant in each of these possible variants, a dark-coloured kitchen countertop can be an excellent aesthetic solution, both as a furnishing for an integrated look, or in combination with a traditional white kitchen, for an intriguing contrasting effect.
The high-end porcelain of Iris Ceramica Group has, in the SapienStone kitchen countertop, one of the most innovative proposals, as it is a young and trendy brand which caters exclusively to kitchen work surfaces.
In its vast colour palette, which includes a whole range of high-tech ceramic surfaces, SapienStone dedicates large collections to dark kitchen countertops, such as Dark Marquina, Basalt Black, Urban Anthracite, and Malm Black.
These are collections including both absolute black and a wide range of possible variations, with different chromatic intensities.
In addition to the high aesthetic value, there are also a number of obvious technical advantages of the SapienStone kitchen countertop which make it highly preferable over other materials for kitchen countertops.
The most important of these is undoubtedly the very high resistance to high temperatures and scratches, which is far superior to other products such as wood, laminates and quartz surfaces.
In contrast to other materials, no coloured resin or protective varnish is used to lend SapienStone its shine: the material’s colours are those of a full-body porcelain product with veins, in order to obtain a more realistic effect.
The SapienStone kitchen countertop also requires no special maintenance, and can be cleaned on a daily basis with traditional soaps or detergents, without compromising its aesthetic: in fact, its resistance also extends to chemicals and acidic liquids commonly used in the kitchen.
SapienStone for Arch+ in Berlin
For its new editorial office in Berlin, German architecture magazine ARCH+ recently chose SapienStone surfaces for an interesting design project in the Fizz23 complex.
The new offices are located in Friedrichstrasse, in the heart of Berlin and next to Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum: it is an “innovative and futuristic building, converted into a cooperative complex that provides a home for creative industries: writers, designers, creative agencies, architectural firms and magazine editorial teams in a fusion of disciplines, which provides space for imagination and inventiveness”.
The space where ARCH+ operates is designed to be multifunctional and highly flexible, capable of hosting exhibitions, workshops and talks, all with a view to effectively blending genres and cultures.
The central light room overlooks the kitchen where the Dark Marquina texture is installed in a surprising way. Minimalistic and functional, the atmosphere spreads through the beauty of the ceramic slab, in contrast with the white of the wall coverings.
Inserted into a “visual niche” which enhances its centrality and importance, the Dark Marquina ceramic slab gives the effect of depth, thanks to the intensity of the black with original white veins running through it.
In a natural way, ”the wall is visually filled with black, almost creating a sense of boundlessness which seems to enlarge the space. Also, the contrast with the surrounding walls, which have been left in their natural rough concrete finish, conjures up references and suggestions which can enhance and refine the visual appeal of both materials.”
The sensations of the Dark Marquina texture are increased by the possible tactile finishes that accompany the slab: from the velvety Silky (chosen in the ARCH+ project) to the glossy and linear Polished.

Marco Privato

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