Customising and decorating surfaces with Stonepeak Zebrino

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In Stonepeak’s Zebrino collection, porcelain surfaces dress up and decorate every room in the home, underlining creativity and customisation in living spaces

Customising and decorating surfaces with Stonepeak Zebrino

The most refined surfaces for today’s architectural spaces are covered with porcelain tiles, a typically Italian product in which technical and aesthetic quality has achieved truly amazing results in recent years. Prestigious residential projects, new and renovated houses, luxurious and high traffic spaces are all designs involving different design vocabularies intended for a great variety of different targets and different logistical, residential and commercial requirements, all of which employ porcelain floor and wall coverings.
The reason for the popularity of this choice lies in the nature of porcelain, which can be made non-absorbent, resistant to mechanical stress, unalterable and easy to clean.
High-tech porcelain therefore offers the best possible response among contemporary surfaces, no matter what the features of the individual project.

To demonstrate the great compositional variety and numerous applications of porcelain, Stonepeak has come up with fascinating home projects in line with Italy’s ceramics tradition, many of which emphasise decorative uses of porcelain tiles.
This is the case of the Zebrino collection, available in the colours Michelangelo, Calacatta, Classico, Bluette and Chalet (from lightest to darkest) with a vast choice of different sizes and patterns permitting creation of floor and wall coverings representing a departure from monochrome colour schemes and customising spaces with original, creative touches.
The gallery illustrates how combinations of different sizes, rectangular or square, and use of various Mosaic decorations (Chelsea, Palace, Soco and Blossom) can easily create dynamic spaces which are both sophisticated and elegant in the living room, bathroom and bedrooms.
Surfaces covered with Zebrino tiles alternate visual continuity with contrasting effects to create spaces underlining the uniqueness and customisation of the living space, a characteristic of primary importance no matter what the style of the home.

Rooms furnished in minimalist, traditional or contemporary style clearly define spaces and establish a balance in contrast with furnishings and accessories when embellished with decorative effects.
Thus surfaces provide a true backdrop for the home environment, conveying the image of an attractive, elegant space promoting the positive elements of hospitality and conviviality.

Marco Privato