Creativity and harmony: Iris Ceramica’s Litt Wood wood-effect surfaces

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Iris Ceramica’s new collection of Litt Wood coverings proposes a palette of warm and cold colours to harmonise with surfaces both large and small, characterising them with a natural, discrete, refined mood. Colours inspired by northern trees or forests at sunset underline the design of the walls with a vast colour palette and all the possibilities offered by a fascinating mosaic of creative combinations

Creativity and harmony: Iris Ceramica’s Litt Wood wood-effect surfaces
The wood effect is a design trend in contemporary ceramics which is particularly in vogue for residential projects, public places and commercial enterprises.
Porcelain and semigres faithfully reproduce a great variety of woods, guaranteeing the coexistence of unmatched technical proprieties and aesthetic qualities in a single product.
Porcelain’s typical impermeability, universally acknowledged and certified, makes it preferable over the original material in terms of resistance, safety and durability, to mention only the principal parameters of comparison.
Let us think, for example, of the clear benefits of the resistance of ceramic to scratches, shocks and stains: an aspect of undoubted technical quality that ensures surfaces continue to look the same as the years go by, saving on maintenance.
In aesthetic terms, in addition to the natural perception of warmth and cosiness, wood-effect ceramic surfaces are characterised by great attractiveness, a sense of the simplicity of nature in the home, and a cosy, protective feel.
These factors would be enough to recommend wood-effect porcelain as the best response to all kinds of needs.
To these considerations we may, however, add that many wood species have an innate decorative quality that makes them ideal for spaces combining classic and contemporary design.
The possibilities offered by combinations of different colours and finishes, in a mosaic blend that creates dynamism and freshness on walls both large and small, should not be underestimated.

Iris Ceramica dedicates many of its collections of classic and contemporary design to wall coverings, a highly varied range of colours and finishes, all of which share the same versatility, intended for a wide-ranging target.
This palette of contemporary hues is now expanded with Litt Wood, a new collection of Iris Ceramica wall coverings capable of "underlining the value of wooden surfaces transformed by time and nature".
The Litt Wood collection draws its inspiration from the vintage design of burnt wood.
A lived-in, time-worn material, full of knots and veins that break up the uniformity of its colour to create an attractive look that is underlined by the many colour combinations available for various different tiles.
Combinations of single tiles are in fact one of the most fascinating features of Litt Wood, described as "creative graphics". The combination of a mosaic of tiles in different colours, with different veins oriented in diverging directions, creates an original balance in the room.

Litt Wood is available in traditional 10x20 cm planks in the colours Litt Honey, Litt Burnt White, Litt Burnt Beige and Litt Gold.
The 20x20 cm size, on the other hand, reproduces "cross-sections of the tree trunk, in which the concentric rings form a precious decoration in relief".
With such a rich colour palette it is easy to create a monochrome mood or combine warm and cold colours.
The colder colours in the square format are Litt Cold Woods, directly linked with the trees typical of northern climates such as birch and white pine, and Litt Warm Woods, reflecting the colours of the woods in autumn, in sunset hues with shades of sand and hazelnut.
To these colours we may add warm variants in our own personal, creative way: Litt Red Woods and Litt Yellow Woods, brightening up and enriching spaces with bold hues of red and gold.

Marco Privato

Marco Privato

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