Conveying the essential

David Chipperfield,





Conveying the essential

Effective communications always eliminate the superfluous, the background noise and everything that is not necessary. Though superficially reduced to "simplicity" of elements, clarity in an exhibition facility often underlines reflection and in-depth analysis.
The design of today’s touch technologies, for example, communicates through strictly minimalist formal lines, conveying brand identity to users without interference or potential obstacles.
This relational process is continuous and circular and does not end when a product is bought: the object stripped of its excessive characteristics may fit into any virtual or real environment (page, site, room, advertising space), withstanding aesthetic and perceptive changes over time.
The models of space surrounding certain Stonepeak Ceramics collections respond to this precise strategy and communication policy based on the principle of subtraction.
The Parkland and Thestandard lines create surfaces characterised by neutral colours and clear forms, “communicating” only what is strictly necessary and leaving the remaining space free for the user’s creativity and customisation.
Space and the objects arranged in it are no longer perceived as cold and impersonal (as they might have been in the sixties, at the dawn of the minimalist movement in the arts) but essential, a very important aspect for ordering the multitude of stimuli in our daily lives today.

Marco Privato

1. Blumenhotel - St. Veit an der Glan – Carinthia. Design: Spado Architects & Ogris. Wanek

2. EMV Housing Villaverde - Madrid (2005). Design by David Chipperfield.

3. StonePeak Ceramics, Thestandard collection - Beige.
The collection is characterised by neutral hues in polished or satin finishes conveying the overall image of the space in essential, highly iconic ways

4. StonePeak Ceramics, Thestandard collection - Crème. The crème variety adds intimacy and warmth to interiors

5. StonePeak Ceramics, Thestandard collection - Taupe Gray. This chromatic variant perfect for the bathroom is available in 8 types of mosaic tile, or alternating with darker hues

6. StonePeak Ceramics, Thestandard collection - Dark Gray

7. Yotel – London (2007). Hotel for "waiting passengers" with spaces in a clearly minimalist style.

8.House O - Chiba. Suo Fujimoto Architects, House O (2007). Located on the coast, in Chiba, near Tokyo, "a single room" which is continuous and branches out uniformly.

9. WoZoCo's Apartments for Elderly People - Amsterdam. Living units founded on classic geometries and arranged in an effective, original style

10. StonePeak: Parkland - Acadia. The Parkland collection is characterised by its "natural appeal" vocabulary with its timeless shapes and colours

11. StonePeak: Parkland - Sequoia

12. StonePeak: Parkland - Shenandoah

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