Communicating interiors with decorated ceramic stoneware tiles


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Iris Ceramica,

Iris Ceramica’s Kreo porcelain tiles juxtaposing various decorative elements, underline the creativity and expressiveness of the domestic environment, in line with the great tradition of ceramics

Communicating interiors with decorated ceramic stoneware tiles

With its decorative elements for porcelain stoneware floors and walls, Iris Ceramica recreates lifestyles in line with the tradition of the art of ceramics, using surfaces in rooms as a colour palette. This is apparent in the Kreo collection, a series of modular surfaces with a "modular decoration programme" to underline the floors and walls of private homes and public places. Kreo’s many possible uses demonstrate that in contemporary design, the decorative aspect has gone far beyond the concept of pure ornamentation as an end in itself. Though we may still associate the term “decoration” with abstract ornaments, patterns inspired by plant life and combinations of basic geometric shapes, our visual approach to them has changed profoundly. Today’s projects stand out for the pluralism of their content, for the overlapping and coexistence of different styles, preferences, memories and cultures: everybody wants to personalise their space, starting with surfaces (compositions on the wall or floor, as well as worktops and furnishing accessories).

From this point of view, Kreo is a collection that gives designers the freedom to customise every room in the home in eclectic, cross-contaminated styles using colour schemes and graphic symbols inspired by elements drawing from the traditions of ceramics, design and handcrafts. The Kreo collection includes a complete programme of floor and wall coverings (two production technologies in three different sizes) and a colour palette offering an assortment of versatile, modern colours carefully designed to suit the interiors of homes and commercial spaces. In addition to five colours of floor tiles (Beige, Brown, Graphite, Grey and White), wall tiles are also available in red. But it is above all the potential for decoration that gives free rein to “individual tastes and imaginations” with its great creative potential. The Patchwork composition, for instance, is a kit of 12 mix and match pieces; various Kreo Lava strips (White, Blue, Turquoise and Yellow), or the simple design of Fan can be used to obtain completely different effects by simply changing their layout, including more linear geometric styles.

Whatever your preferences, they will be able to make the most of every room in the home, without suffering the effects of time and passing fads, allowing every room in the home to convey the state of mind of the people who live in it, and what they want to express and share with those around them. And this is why our homes more intensely represent us today: they speak volumes about who we are, our tastes and interests, and our choice of particular details or patterns for the home interior is much more than a matter of simply covering a surface.

Marco Privato


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