Bright, white and welcoming: the SapienStone Calacatta countertop for the kitchen of 2020

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SapienStone reproduces the beauty of white Calacatta marble in kitchen countertops and tables, adding a contemporary twist to classic design with bright, refined surfaces showing off the performance of the Iris Ceramica Group’s quality porcelain

Bright, white and welcoming: the SapienStone Calacatta countertop for the kitchen of 2020
White never goes out of style in the kitchen. This timeless colour may be found everywhere in the design of kitchen countertops, accessories and furnishings.
Elegant, simple white makes it easy to match different surfaces, appliances and textiles, or contrast them with darker stone surfaces and furnishings and different types of wood.
Its basic versatility makes white perfect in any setting, clearly brightening up the whole room.
Kitchen designs featuring white surfaces continue to triumph in 2020, especially in high-tech porcelain surfaces.
For, in addition to its aesthetic qualities, the most popular material for today’s kitchen countertops meets the practical requirements of everyday living, such as easy cleaning, resistance to scratching, shocks and heat, and long-term inalterability.
All these are considerations of primary importance that make porcelain perfect for kitchen countertops, tabletops, snack bars, islands and peninsulas, whether ready-made or built to measure.
Porcelain is in fact the only material which is practically 100% non-absorbent and certified under all the standards of the construction industry, meeting all these important requirements for performance.
SapienStone (link) has been a landmark in the production of top quality ceramic kitchen countertops since 2016, drawing on the decades of know-how of the Iris Ceramica Group (link), as one of the Group’s most innovative and highly specialised brands.
SapienStone can cover all kinds of surfaces in kitchens of all styles, with a great variety of interior design trends. 
The Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of expertise have allowed SapienStone to optimise its working procedures, in both practical and aesthetic terms, in response to all the requirements of everyday living and the ever-changing demands of commercial spaces of various kinds.
The SapienStone countertop is the product of thorough research into plastic and material qualities involving all three dimensions of the product: through veins and meticulous reproduction of the texture and flaws of selected natural materials”, for a result that looks and feels perfectly realistic.
The final worktop is made of ceramic clays and mineral colourants that will not change in appearance over the years, created in a process involving pressing and firing at high temperatures to transform the materials into maxi-slabs of porcelain measuring 320x150 cm with a standard thickness of 12 mm, with many materials also available in the 20 mm thickness.
SapienStone’s motto is "Dress your Kitchen", summing up a "philosophy associating an important component of style with a revolutionary product that is by nature “sapiens”: intelligent, evolved and technological". The quality of the brand’s kitchen countertops combines the excellence of Italian design with the utmost practicality in terms of resistance, hygiene and durability.
SapienStone’s vast colour catalogue (link) includes plenty of collections in pale colours and white, including the Calacatta marble presented here in the Statuario, Light and White versions(link).
Calacatta is one of Italy’s best-known and most prestigious marbles, historically used as a flooring material in luxurious buildings and to cover kitchen and bathroom countertops, walls, shelves and fireplaces.
The milky hues are enlivened by unique veining in SapienStone’s Calacatta white, an increasingly trendy product available in several versions presenting different qualities and degrees of intensity.
Calacatta Light, for example, is colder than the pure white of classic Calacatta marble; the same purity characterises Statuario, a brighter version of the material.
Calacatta surfaces make for refined, cosy, welcoming spaces; their veining adds character and dynamism, particularly with use of the book-match effect, available in the Calacatta White and Statuario versions, testifying to the material’s unrivalled aesthetic quality.

Marco Privato