Beauty and practicality: the Iris Ceramica made-to-measure bathroom

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The search for personal wellness enhances the atmosphere and comfort of today’s modern bathroom designs. Iris Ceramica’s high-tech porcelain surfaces contribute a variety of colours, sizes, mosaics and decorative pieces for creating custom bathrooms, adding a special touch to any style, from vintage to minimalist

Beauty and practicality: the Iris Ceramica made-to-measure bathroom
Modern bathroom design focuses on creating an atmosphere of personal wellness in which intimacy and comfort are the ultimate goals of all design choices.
The way we perceive the bathroom today is the result of a process that has unrolled steadily over the past four decades as society has grown increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the body. 
This new development has grown even faster in recent years thanks to discussion in the digital world and on the social networks, where different cultures, fascinating exotic atmospheres and high-tech materials have given form to original new ways of interpreting the contemporary bathroom.
Setting aside all these influences and personal tastes, psycho-physical wellbeing inevitably involves caring for the environment around us, even outside of the home. 
Examples include spaces where families, professionals and single business travellers spend short periods of time, which are increasingly equipped with the latest new saunas, gyms and spas.
No-one wants to give up a corner for relaxing the body and spirit, no matter how little time they have!
In view of the central importance of these considerations, today’s bathroom designs maximise customisation, with shapes, colours and lights that satisfy the senses and express our preferences and lifestyles.
Even while maintaining its specific role in the contemporary home, the bathroom has thus developed into a method in which aesthetics and the utmost practicality not only coexist, but become effectively indistinguishable.
By eliminating the superfluous, we may therefore say that every object, item of furniture and surface in the bathroom is always "beautiful and useful" and helps determine the character of the architectural space.
In view of this, ceramic materials are particularly well-qualified to combine these two aspects of design in a single product, effectively representing the added value in the creation of the contemporary bathroom.
The versatility of high-tech porcelain, combined with a catalogue of different textures and effects including all the principal cladding materials (wood, stone, marble, resin, majolica), offers a vast choice of materials with which it is easy to create your own custom-designed bathroom.
Many porcelain slab collections made by Iris Ceramica look perfectly natural in today’s bathrooms, expressing the concepts of wellness described above in spaces both large and small.
The Iris Ceramica catalogue includes more than 50 collections totalling over 2500 items, the strong point of a brand that has been synonymous with the prestige of ceramics Made in Italy since 1961. 
The "quality of innovating" expressed over Iris Ceramica’s decades of production represents "a unique legacy of know-how" that has contributed to the evolution of countless spaces in residential projects, the contract industry and the hospitality business combining cutting-edge technology with the know-how of traditional craftsmanship.
The bathroom holds a position of prominence among the new solutions for contemporary living proposed by Iris Ceramica.
The gallery presents bathrooms intentionally combining different aesthetic solutions, all of which share the same outstanding performance of porcelain when it comes to resistance, inalterability, and easy maintenance.
Calx combines "the old-fashioned touch of small tiles and mosaics in vintage style with the minimalism of today's designs" for a simple, captivating result that is ideal for underlining the warmth and cosiness of the home.
The simplicity and material qualities of Downtown " transfer the immortality of the concrete material onto the ceramic surface, which becomes a formal and decorative expression in contemporary projects".
Composed of four graduated hues ranging from greys to browns, Downtown evocatively interprets space to propose a captivating atmosphere set off by the fascination of irregular details.
The five hues reproducing precious woods (White, Blonde, Oak, Grey and Black) in the E-Wood collection faithfully reproduce the look and texture of wooden planks, naturally setting off the aesthetic qualities of a classic home decorating material.
Recommended for use in combination with flooring materials from the Space collection, Trix is a dynamic young wall covering featuring new geometric patterns and a simple effect of solids and hollows capable of creating spaces with clean, simple lines.

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