Active and porcelain tiles. Health and hygiene in places for relaxation

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Active Clean Air and GranitiFiandre’s porcelain tiles create an anti-pollution, anti-bacterial tile perfect for wellness centres and accommodations, where hygiene is a priority in architectural design

Active and porcelain tiles. Health and hygiene in places for relaxation

In plans for wellness and health centres, architects and designers emphasise the search for harmony and inner personal balance.

These are in fact facilities and services not intended for generic consumers but people in search of places for serenity and relaxation, who want to enjoy an evocative total experience.

No element of the architecture and interior design may be neglected to achieve the final goal of personal psycho-physical wellbeing.

The hygiene of surfaces plays an important role in all of this, and being able to breathe clean, healthful air becomes an essential part of the sensory experience.

The innovative Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ method was designed specifically to create one-of-a-kind antibacterial floor and wall coverings with a revolutionary impact in terms of sustainability.

In association with porcelain tiles, as in the many collections by GranitiFiandre, the result is an anti-pollutant, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial and anti-odour photocatalytic tile which is perfect for all spaces where hygiene must be a priority for the company.

How was it possible to produce an eco-active, eco-sustainable porcelain tile capable of "degrading" pollutants (including nitrogen oxides) in only a few hours, at the same rate as dozens of the green areas present in nature?

Thanks to natural and artificial light and the humidity present in the air, the process of photocatalysis transforms the principal toxic components of city air into substances which are innocuous for the human body.

Rigorous scientific tests and prestigious patents have confirmed the extraordinary qualities of Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ and its properties of “novelty and inventive activity”.

The many projects in which these tiles have been used include the Manhattan Fitness Centre in Vienna, designed by interior designer Alice Koller (Wonderland Design) with Marfil Select Extreme porcelain tiles by GranitiFiandre.

The words of the director of the Manhattan centre, Gerhard Span, sum up the basic idea behind the Active process and Marfil porcelain tiles: "Hygiene is very important to us, and use of intelligent products like this one makes a significant contribution to sensorial pleasure".

Not just medical facilities (medical centres, dentists’ offices and physiotherapy clinics, rehabilitation centres) but hospitality facilities (fitness & wellness centres, spas, saunas, cooking schools and restaurants) are the principal recipients of an advanced floor and wall tile procedure and product (porcelain tiles) in pursuit of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Nature also stands to benefit from use of Active, in view of the evident savings on chemical cleaning products and overall maintenance of floors and walls.

Marco Privato

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