A cosy atmosphere featuring big tiles

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Porcelaingres’ Just Great collection of high-tech porcelain tiles is a new generation of large tiles perfect for indoor and outdoor floors and walls. The tiles’ elegance and flexibility also makes them ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in spaces intended for hospitality, social encounters and business meetings

A cosy atmosphere featuring big tiles

Hotels, bars and restaurants, places frequented by tourists, shops, places to rest and places of transit all need to be able to convey a great variety of sensations in the brief amount of time people spend in them, including hospitality, familiarity, comfort and an ability to make people feel at ease.
The expressiveness of the combination of surfaces plays an essential role in determining the identity and atmosphere of these spaces.

The elegance and functionality of Porcelaingres porcelain floor and wall tiles for indoor and outdoor use amplify the potential and overall image of surfaces even in crowded, high traffic areas where people spend only a brief time.
Large tiles add to the compositional possibilities, starting with reflection on design.

Places of hospitality establish a sophisticated equilibrium between perception, tradition and experimentation. The final dimension represents an intersection of multiple expressive levels, starting with the properties and morphology of the place and its social, geographic, and cultural context, and also including materials, objects, lights and use of space.

All these design elements allow spaces to be revealed and identified as specific and unique, making them more recognisable.
Just Great large high-tech porcelain tiles by Porcelaingres are much larger than standard tiles (from 300 x 150 cm to 75 x 75 cm and only 6 mm thick), promoting a number of different solutions and helping give concrete form to the designer?s imagination.
Just Great is a collection of porcelain tiles for interior and exterior designed to cover walls and floors, which can also be used as furnishing accessories or for decoration.
Four colours (super black, super white, mid grey and beige) guarantee the simplicity and expressiveness of the surfaces, perfect for atmospheres promoting social and interactive experiences.

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