Celtic Museum in Hallein, Austria

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The problems Heinz Tesar faced in the Keltenmuseum (Celtic Museum) project in Hallein required a subtle but decisive hand to renew an old building.

Celtic Museum in Hallein, Austria The elevator and imposing stairways open up on each floor into a sort of balcony with soft, curved lines; viewed from below, the stairs are made of rough cement, while from above it is apparent that they are covered with red marble.

The walls are white, the balustrades are made of glass, and the handrails are made of wood.
It is hard to imagine how such a short staircase can create such a tension-filled effect from the ground floor, or how so many small changes can condense into an extremely complex concept. The result is a place of unusual spatial experiences, and Tesar has turned out to be a master at creating these.

Floriana De Rosa

Link: http://www.keltenmuseum.at/

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