Cazú Zegers Tierra Patagonia Hotel or Hotel del Viento Chile

Cazú Zegers (Cazú Zegers Arquitectura),

Hotel, Sport & Wellness, Landscape,

Stone, Wood,

The Tierra Patagonia Hotel designed by architect Cazú Zegers is “poetically” known as the Hotel del Viento for its shape reminiscent of a fold in the land sculpted by the wind.

Cazú Zegers  Tierra Patagonia Hotel or Hotel del Viento Chile

In Parco Nazionale Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile, at the southern end of the world, architect Cazú Zegers designed the Tierra Patagonia Hotel, poetically known as the Hotel del Viento for its form as if sculpted by the wind in a fold in the land.

The building dialogues with the natural landscape, rising on the bank of Lake Sarmiento, the lake forming one of the boundaries of Torres del Paine national park, from the waters of which the Paine massif seems to rise.

To allow the hotel to blend into its natural surroundings, the architect chose stone as the material for the foundations and wood as the basic element in the construction, covered at the top by panels of Lenga beech (Nothofagus pumilio), a typical Chilean tree which gives the building silvery highlights that make it look like an old timber construction.
A series of internal routes provides access to all the spaces in the structure, with glassed-in rooms offering panoramic views of the natural landscape.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architect: Cazú Zegers (Cazú Zegers Arquitectura)
Associated Architects: Rodrigo Ferrer, Roberto Benavente
Team members: Grupo Aira, Estudio AI (Arquitectura Integrada)
Location: Sarmiento Lake, XII Región, Chile

Images courtesy of Cazú Zegers Arquitectura


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