Cassino University

Studio Gorjux,



Glass, Cement,

Location: Cassino, Frosinone
Architects: Studio Gorjux Architetti Associati Srl Claudia Fraiegari, Raffaele Gorjux
Design: 1997/1998
Construction: 1998-2003
Lot size: 45000 mq
Area covered by building: 8180 m2
Built volume: 141000 m3
Cost: 28.40 million euros

Cassino University Recognisable forms and strong materials: these were the two principal requirements inspiring the design of the new Cassino University building.
The new building housing the faculties of Law and Commerce is over 40 metres high, built in a single volume with thirteen floors above ground.
Immediately above the underground level containing technological plants and utilities of various kinds is the building's underlying structure, containing the majority of the 18 classrooms and the canteen. Above this are offices for various university departments.
Two triangular volumes containing audiovisual centres are arranged in rings on two levels around large open spaces two storeys high, with a roof which is transparent at certain points.

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