Casa Klotz, Playa Grande de Tongoy, 1991

Mathias Klotz,


Housing, Ville,


Location: Playa Grande, Tongoy, Chile
Architect: Mathias Klotz
Client: Isabel Germain
Land surface: 5,700 square metres
Building surface: 99 square metres
Structure: balloon frame
Year built: 1991

Casa Klotz, Playa Grande de Tongoy, 1991
The building appears lightweight, emptied of all heaviness in construction.
This separation from the earth and the box-like form of the home do not prevent the entire building from blending in perfectly with the natural environment surrounding it. This integration is even more evident when looking out from inside the house.
Inside, the house is arranged around a central space dividing the layout into three parts.
A double volume occupies the central area, aligned with the large plate glass window on the outside.
The entrance hall and living room illuminates the entire home, concealing a staircase to the gallery which connects the two rooms at opposite ends of the upper floor.
The white-painted wood on the outside is matched by light-coloured wood left natural or painted with a thin coat of white on the inside.
The furnishings are reduced to a few essential items suited to the natural look of the setting, whose transparency makes the whole appear even more luminous.

Laura Puliti

(all photographs by A.Piovano)

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