Casa de Veraneo, BAK arquitectos asociados. Mar Azul (Buenos Aires), 2005

BAK arquitectos,

Buenos Aires,

Housing, Ville,


Minimum impact on the landscape, low costs and easy maintenance: these are the requirements for the Casa de Veraneo project in Mar Azul forest near Buenos Aires, designed by BAK Arquitectos Asociados (María Victoria Besonías, Guillermo de Almeida, Luciano Kruk).

Casa de Veraneo, BAK arquitectos asociados. Mar Azul (Buenos Aires), 2005 There is no main entrance: the house may be accessed at a number of different points, with no priorities or premeditated order. Routes are as free as forest paths. This choice not only allows the house to be used in any number of different ways, but helps make it an integral part of the landscape it sits in. It may sound paradoxical, but the house stands out precisely for its unusual ability to blend into the landscape.
Light, the "intangible" matter making up the landscape, reaches the inner part of the house through glass walls and a deep cut in the heart of the structure.
Structurally speaking, Casa de Veraneo (6.50m x 10.30m) is covered with a slab of bare reinforced concrete resting on internal partitions (also made of cement) with steel profiles around the perimeter. The area containing the bathrooms is made of pine. The furniture is also pine wood, in this case recovered from packing crates for electric motors.

Francesca Oddo

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