Canadian War Museum - Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Ottawa, 2005

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The Canadian War Museum is a memorial to all the men who worked for the Canadian Armed Forces and the country's national museum of military history.

Canadian War Museum - Moriyama & Teshima Architects<br />Ottawa, 2005 The building fits into the landscape around it with its long, low-lying shape, as if lying down to embrace the earth with pathos. Visitors can walk on its sloped roof covered with vegetation, reinforcing the building's relationship with the city.The museum interior conveys a direct message with a strong, immediate impact on the visitor.
Everywhere inclined dividing walls cut the space, set at an angle. These clear divisions create a strong reaction in the visitor. Exposed concrete is used, the joints are rough.The floors are also inclined to create a sensation of instability, of continuously teetering off-balance.
Many of the rooms are intentionally built to be austere, dark, free of distractions. The intention is to encourage visitors to reflect and remember, to experience emotions in the museum space.


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