Camilo Rebelo & Susana Martins Ktima House - Greece

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A home in Antiparos, Greece, designed by architects Camilo Rebelo & Susana Martins, is among the 420 architectural projects nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015, the European Union’s prize for contemporary architecture.

Camilo Rebelo & Susana Martins Ktima House - Greece

On the island of Antiparos in Greece, architects Camilo Rebelo and Susana Martins designed the Ktima house in a green area on a steep slope with very few trees; Ktima is Greek for farm or piece of fertile land.
The project is based on two key elements: the existing walls on different levels and the flat areas they create. Seen from above, the house looks like a long white broken line which adapts to the local topography. Seen from the sea, the home appears to have a front which is both continuous and fragmented, like an old citadel.
The complex shape of the volumes is determined by Greek building regulations establishing maximum length, and ensures that every room enjoys panoramic views and optimal natural lighting.
The home was built in line with local building traditions adopting energy-saving architectural solutions, such as the green roof that helps maintain a constant temperature inside the home without expensive air conditioning, or the courtyards at the back of the home promoting natural ventilation.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architecture: Camilo Rebelo & Susana Martins
Collaborators: Cristina Chicau, Maria Sofia Santos, Miguel Marques, Patricio Guedes
Local Architect: Dionysis Zacharias Architects
Landscape Architect: Thomas Doxiadis
Location: Antiparos, Greece

Photography: Claudio Reis



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