Caffè San Colombano. Archea Associati. Lucca, Italy. 2004

Archea associated,

Lucca, Italy,


The walls of the town of Lucca are one of Tuscany's most evocative scenes, with outstanding views of the town and the countryside around it. The walls are magical place, suspended in time, where history stands still and lets us admire it.

Caffè San Colombano. Archea Associati. Lucca, Italy. 2004 The City of Lucca held a competition for a plan to build a place of refreshment in the bastion of San Colombano. The walls contain numerous sixteenth-century artisans' workshops, which are now used to host events, exhibitions, conventions and dining facilities.
Caffé San Colombano does not attempt to mediate its context or set up a kind of passive co-existence, but stands out in strident contrast with it, expressed in an autonomous, independent design idiom which is nonetheless very subtle and aware of the landscape, both built and natural.

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