Ca' la Ghironda

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Location: Via Leonardo da Vinci 19, 40069 Ponte Ronca, Zola Predona, (BO), Italy
Client: Immobiliare Spina srl
Project date: 2001
Architect: Arch. Mario Trenti and A.I. Erre Engineering
Project description: Art gallery
Type of application: Flooring
Total area: 1062 square metres

Ca' la Ghironda Cà La Ghironda is an interesting new exhibition area of recent construction.
Exhibition centre of a unique museum, it hosts not only art shows but social events of all kinds, cultural initiatives held by both public and private organisations.

Designed by architect Mario Trenti with A.I. Erre Engineering, the museum is located in Zola Predosa, a town of the Bologna metropolitan area, about 10 km from the centre.

Cà La Ghironda is a Museum Area "en plein air", where you can admire, following the "Petite" and "Grande Promenade", about 210 different sculptures placed according to the morphology, structure and natural criteria of land, in a sweet harmony between art and nature.

Inaugurated in 2001, the project is inspired by a deep-seated connection with nature arising out of the building's natural context and the choices made in its design which guided the construction of the building and, above all, the choice of materials.
Interior flooring employs Azul Boquira manufactured marble produced by IRIS Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti.

IRIS Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti marbles are particularly suitable for applications such as Cà La Ghironda because they offer outstanding resistance to scratching, to ultimate tensile strength, to stains and acids, and because of their exceptionally even hue.

The material can be worked in the same way as natural marbles and granites, smoothing and polishing it on its face or back, and offers the same durability as quarry marble.
IRIS Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti marbles not only offer excellent technical properties but are evocative, flexible and ideally suited to interpretation of creative solutions such as Cà La Ghironda. In this project, flooring made using Azul Boquira marble is reminiscent of the hues of seawater. The main body of the architectural structure represents the huge hull of an overturned boat, the skeleton of which shelters works of art; the floor symbolises a body of water on which the hull is floating.

IRIS Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti materials were used to cover a total surface area of 1100 square metres, using 40 x 40 cm plates with a smoothed, polished finish. The areas in the new exhibition space where the manufactured marble was used are the lower part of the gallery, the exhibition hall and the multimedia event room.

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