C. Y. Lee , Taipei 101, Taiwan, 2004


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It has been christened Taipei 101 for the number of floors in the building, but the real name of this futuristic tower is Taipei Financial Center.

C. Y. Lee , Taipei 101, Taiwan, 2004 The 16,000 panels of glass are more than 3 cm thick and highly flexible, allowing them to shift by up to 18 cm and then return to their original positions.
One of the upper floors incorporates a 600 ton iron ball which serves to earthquake-proof and stabilise the building. The shock-absorbing structure takes the form of a pendulum with eight cables on the 92nd floor.
Another peculiarity of the building is its external appearance, inspired by bamboo shoots and the form of the pagoda.
This solution, and the number 8 (which the Chinese consider lucky) inspiring the design of the tower, reveal the building's ability to represent local traditions despite its futuristic appearance.

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