Building cladding, residential

Giovanni Mistretta ,


Housing, Condos,

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti,

Location: Milan, Italy
Design: Architect Giovanni Mistretta
Materials employed: marble’s FMG Fabbrica marmi e graniti for floors and cladding

Building cladding, residential A building's architectural solutions should lend it both functionality and beauty, essential factors that enable architecture to continue to be an art at the service of man.
One authoritative example of Italian residential architecture is the Via Imbonati 41, Milano project by architect Giovanni Mistretta.
It involved the design of a residential building within an existing environment, so the architect had to conduct an in-depth study of the context into which the new construction was to be placed, since only a thorough knowledge of the territory would have lead to the realization of a structure of charismatic beauty, while observing regulations at the same time.
The construction is striking by virtue of its painstaking detail, the harmony with which it fits into the area of context and the simplicity of its decorative elements - solid grey bands, which serve to lend order to the fenestration and balustrades, their horizontality accentuated by the design of the tubular metal elements that make them up and by external uprights, thus making for an easy reading of the two real and virtual volumes that work together perfectly.

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