New Dublin County Hall



The pair of architects Bucholz and McEvoy has built a new County Hall in northern Dublin after winning a competition for the project in 1996. Construction began in April 1998.

Bucholz-Mcevoy<br> New Dublin County Hall The curved facade incorporates an atrium in its central part, rising the full height of the building and emphasised by a roof with two curves.
The complex tensile structure of steel cables stabilises the big plates of glass suspended from the roof: some of the cables follow the curve of the facade, while others curve the opposite way, to reach the balconies at either end.
The space is therefore packed with cables, which, seen from below, look like decorative elements; but they do not interrupt the horizontal view outward.

At the point where they meet the glass, the architects have resorted to a series of plated rods, each of which supports the panels above and below it and is supported by slender vertical cables under tension, descending close to the glass. The rods act as bracing elements, protecting the glass facade from wind pressure.


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