Bruges Pavilion - Toyo Ito. Bruges, 2002

Toyo Ito,

Bruges, Belgium,



In Bruges, a city full of lace, gothic battles and historic buildings, Toyo Ito has created a pavilion destined to elicit a confrontation between past and present, between the languages of memory and those of modernity.

Bruges Pavilion - Toyo Ito. Bruges, 2002 "Imagine you see a city through many small hexagons, like the transparent tiles of a mosaic. Add the transparency of glass, the lightness of aluminium, and then the water, which forms a large circle on the ground, surrounded by stones, like a Zen garden, pushing itself right up against the walls of the hexagons", writes Adriana Polveroni.This work by the Japanese architect is an efficient demonstration of the possibility of the cohabitation, in a consolidated historic context, full of memory, between the architecture of contemporary times and the architecture of the past. A cohabitation that is capable of generating interferences, of updating the atmosphere and making one of the most antique squares of this Belgian city come alive and pulsate.

Francesca Oddo

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