Brinkman e Van der Vlugt : Sonneveld House


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Sonneveld House is a museum house, a monument to Dutch functionalist architecture which has now been restored to its original appearance both inside and out

Brinkman e Van der Vlugt : Sonneveld House Designed by Brinkman and Van der Vlugt, the architects behind Feyenoord Stadium and the Van Nelle Factory, of which Mr. Sonneveld was a director, the 1933 home embodied all the principles of the Machine Home proposed by Le Corbusier which were to become a cornerstone of the international style: a house as convenient as a machine, designed around its inhabitants, efficient and hygienic, a house which uses new materials to supply the light, air and space required to live in perfect psychological and physical health.
The planning of the project took some time: the first drawings date from 1929, while the executive plans are dated 1932, the year construction work began. Surviving drawings and abundant written, photographic and filmed documentation made restoration an easy task, permitting reconstruction of the atmosphere in which the Sonneveld family lived.

Sonneveld House has a reinforced concrete load-bearing structure: this construction technique, which was highly advanced for its day, makes load-bearing walls superfluous, permitting greater freedom in the arrangement of interior spaces and windows and doors onto the outside.
Bands of windows run the length of the front and back walls of the house; large windows and doors onto the garden and an abundance of patios allow air and light to circulate freely in the house and promote use of outdoor spaces, in perfect response to the "hygienic" demands of the "modern" lifestyle.
The house is structured on three levels.
The ground floor houses the garage, the servants' apartment and the study of Mr. Sonneveld's two daughters.
On the first floor, in an open space which may be divided by sliding doors, are the living room, library and dining room, directly connected with the kitchen.
On the second floor are the bedrooms of the four family members, with two bathrooms, a guest room with its own bathroom and two patios.


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