BP Helios House. Johnston Marklee & Associates. Los Angeles. 2007

Johnston Marklee & Associates,

Los Angeles, USA,



Showing consumers that green technologies and a series of minor ecological changes can allow us to live in a better world is BP's goal for Helios House in Los Angeles, a gas station designed to educate people and help them get used to the idea of sustainability.

BP Helios House. Johnston Marklee & Associates. Los Angeles. 2007
Sustainability is the keyword in this project, implemented to offer customers ecological water, electricity and heating systems.
For example, rainwater is collected and filtered to prevent formation of hydrocarbons resulting in pollution of the surrounding soil.And as for light, 90 solar panels are installed on the roof of the service station, producing enough energy to supply two or three homes.
The green roof is planted with drought-resistant species which help reduce the need for air conditioning and heating.
These features are likely to earn Helios House LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. This initial experimental project¿s impact on customers in terms of improving ecological awareness will be assessed in order to decide whether to extend the same design to other gas stations. The goal is to continue educating people in sustainable ways of living, as demonstrated by the presence of screens in the gas station showing ecological messages and advice.

Laura Della Badia

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