Borek Sípek
The new Art Gallery in Prague Castle, 1996


Gallery, Residences,

Borek Sípek emigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1968 to gain practical experience in what was then East Germany; he later moved to Holland where he became a famous designer.

Borek Sípek<br>The new Art Gallery in Prague Castle, 1996 Following the opening of the Berlin Wall, Sipek decided to devote himself to a generous enterprise: that of putting the artistic skills he had gained during his career at the service of his country.

He went back to live in Prague, where the Czech president Vaclav Havel appointed him as architect in charge of the Castle , residence and administrative headquarters of the President of the Republic.
After 1989, European architecture and design ceased to take local culture into account, providing local specificity by absorbing outside influences and readapting them.
Sipek, with his mannerist approach, totally respects this tradition.

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