Blue Ginger Restaurant, Atelier Mendini, Milan 2008

Atelier Mendini,



Glass, Cement,

Eclectic symbols and colours in true Mendini style for the Blue Ginger Restaurant. Asian Contemporary Food in Milan.

Blue Ginger Restaurant, Atelier Mendini, Milan 2008 Eclectic symbols and colours with discrete lighting determine the character of the Blue Ginger Restaurant. Asian Contemporary Food built in Milan and designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini with Emanuela Morra.
"The restaurant space is high and articulated, allowing plenty of room to play with the walls and their three colours – lilac, blue and orange – alternating in big diagonal stripes," explain Alessandro and Francesco Mendini.
Certain functional elements, such as the panels in the entrance, the long counter and the clear strip guarding the kitchen, are made of coloured Seves glassblock bricks: a total of 540 glass bricks were used. The counter is a white block, in the strip separating the restaurant and the kitchen, while the entrance panels feature the stronger hues of coral, perfectly suited to the restaurant’s colourful, playful yet elegant mood.
"The 30 tables are divided into different zones, in relation to the form of the layout, plus there is a counter with eight stools," continue the Mendini brothers. "A diagonal loft accessed via a metal stairway contains a more intimate dining area, like a living room with sky blue and wooden sofas and armchairs by Byblos Casa. All the other seats are Myto chairs designed by Konstantin Grcic, in a variety of colours. With a grey cement floor, plate glass balusters with steel tie rods, soft, clear, diffuse light from a variety of different lamps, and tables and shelves covered with an interesting Abet laminate: blue, black and white against a silver background".
Four big panes of glass on the wall on Viale Carlo Troya make the restaurant particularly brightly lit and allow people to see what the restaurant is like from the street.
Two of the restaurant’s walls are used to exhibit new artworks; the opening in October featured the works of graffiti artist Bros, the most controversial Italian public artist, who offered the proceeds of sales of his art for charity on this occasion.

BLUE GINGER. Asian Contemporary Food
Viale Carlo Troya 22,
20144 Milan

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