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World Design Capital 2014 Cape Town: Live Design. Transform Life.
450 projects tell the story of the part that design plays in the social transformation of cities. This is the beginning of 2014 in Cape Town, its year as World Design Capital. Four themes explore the possibilities offered by design to improve everyday life, by providing a greater understanding of this field for the general public.

This year, all eyes are on South Africa when it comes to architecture and design. 

As supporters of the UIA World Congress 2014 in Durban, Livegreenblog and Floornature continue to explore the South African creative scene.

The theme developed in Cape Town focuses on the role of design in promoting change, also socially. It aims to attract not only experts in this area but also to ignite the general public. All with the desire to emphasise the huge creative effort being made by the African continent.

Four theme areas have been developed to highlight this principle: “African Innovation, Global Conversation” includes innovative African projects with global relevance; “Bridging The Divide” uses design to bridge the historical gaps and as a tool for reconciliation and urban renewal; “Today for Tomorrow” explores the possibilities of environmental and social sustainable development. The fourth theme, “Beautiful things. Beautiful spaces” showcases the global creative offer from Africa, including architecture, art, photography, craft, interiors and landscaping.

So, a visit to Cape Town 2014 is a real must for creativity aficionados. 

World Design Capital 2014 Cape Town http://www.wdccapetown2014.com/
Photography: Courtesy of World Design Capital 2014 Cape Town, © Andrew Brown (unless otherwise stated)
Woodstock Design District © Jan Ras for VISI


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