urbEXPO 2015, the street art and photography exhibition doubles up


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urbEXPO in 2015 is doubling up.

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urbEXPO 2015, the street art and photography exhibition doubles up urbEXPO in 2015 is doubling up. After the success of the first three years, the art and photography exhibition urbEXPO, is stepping outside its usual location of Bochum, and also organising an exhibition in Leipzig. Applications can be submitted until 15th February.

urbEXPO is a composite word formed of the words Urban Exploring and Expo – an initiative created by Bochum-based multimedia arts and photographer Olaf Rauch to artistically showcase and protect places that – for whatever reason – have become marginal in the public mind. 

So, these so-called “Lost Places” and the aesthetics of decay are the themes of urbEXPO 2015: a photographic examination that goes beyond a simple record in the sense of “urban exploration” and opens up more space for the artistic dimension. A contemporary issue, debated between the romantic beauty of ruins and social criticism, where the pictures tell the story.

After the first three editions highly appreciated by the general public, showcasing photos by international artists and photographers, the exhibition is doubling up this year. The first appointment, entitled “Retrospektiva I”, for which applications are open until 15 February, will take place from 1 to 10 May in Leipzig, in a location that is clearly consistent with the themes covered: the old control tower of the decommissioned Mockau airport, currently being repurposed as a cultural and entertainment centre.
Then, from 31 July to 9 August, the usual urbEXPO appointment in Bochum, in the rotunda of the city’s old central train station.  In this case, applications can be submitted until 15th April.
(Christiane Bürklein)

Dates: 1-10 May 2015 in Leipzig
31 July - 9 August 2015 in Bochum
More information: http://www.urbexpo.eu/
Images: Courtesy of urbEXPO – rights of the authors
01.jpg »mystic underworld«, Uwe Bäcker
02.jpg »Spiral Stairs«, Manuel Eichelberger 
03.jpg »Zimmer 1-9«, Oliver Jerneizig
04.jpg »Sehnsucht«, Thomas Junior
05.jpg »Hotel Dining«, Miha Krapez
06.jpg »The Piano«, Roland Krawulsky
07.jpg »ausgeglüht«, Erik Oettinghaus
08.jpg »Der letzte Vorhang«, Olaf Rauch
09.jpg »Liebe geht durch den Magen«, Roswitha Schmid
10.jpg »Orient Express«, Nicole Staniewski
11.jpg »Watching«, Andy Starflinger
12.jpg »lost urology«, Peter Untermaierhofer
0_13.jpg »Waterworks«, Roman Zeschky 


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