Urban green on the roof. A project by Emside, Warsaw.




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Urban green on the roof. A project by Emside, Warsaw.
Creating a green space without land – it can be done. As a sustainable solution, the green roof is becoming more and more popular, but is rarely possible in all homes. Despite this belief, the architects from the Emside firm in Warsaw have created a roof that houses a real, useable garden.

A 200-square metre area on the roof of a building in Warsaw has been turned into a garden as an extension of the living space.

Polish architecture firm Emside, was responsible for the landscape design that goes beyond just plant life and offers a structured green area; in actual fact, wooden pathways lead to a timber gazebo offering protection from the sun, a resting point with a view. Sliding detachable curtains made of hydrophobic fabric, mounted on a horizontal stainless steel structure, give privacy and act as a shield against the wind.

Plants include ornamental vines, ground cover, flowering shrubs and small trees. The lawn can be used for recreational and leisure activities by day and by night, thanks to the lighting system, whose lamps integrated into the roof landscape provide a special light and dark effect.

The green roof improves the thermal insulation of the roof and plays an important part in managing rainwater, trapped by the plants so it drains slower .

Emside’s landscape design creates a lively outdoor space that increases the urban green area to the advantage of the local microclimate, also improving the quality of living of the neighbourhood.

Design: EMSIDE Architektura Krajobrazu, Maciej Kolendowicz, http://www.emside.pl
Project leaders: Maciej Kolendowicz, Mariusz Drabik
Client: Private
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Green roof area: 180 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: ©EMSIDE Architektura Krajobrazu


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