The Invisible Garden House. Bioclimatic greenhouse by SHJWORKS.

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The Invisible Garden House. Bioclimatic greenhouse by SHJWORKS.
Based on the concept of a bioclimatic greenhouse, with the new project by Danish architect Simon Hjermind Jensen, SHJWORKS, you can enjoy your garden and outdoor life no matter what the weather. And you only need solar energy to do it.

The reason for the design of the Invisible Garden House by SHJWORKS, a pilot project by young Danish architect, Simon Hjermin Jensenil is to extend the time you can enjoy your garden for recreational use and to grow plants.

The construction is based on the principle of domes, which SHJWORKS developed with the aid of CAD technology and CNC milling. This example is made from UV-resistant polycarbonate, which is also a transparent material.

Like his former works, the components are joined by a kind of stitching, also made from polycarbonate, which apart from being a decorative aspect, also references the famous 18th century orangeries.

The largest dome has a wooden floor and functions as a kind of patio, while the two smaller domes act as real greenhouses, where zero-food mile vegetables can be grown without leaving a carbon footprint.

asantly warmed by the sun – the consummate sustainable energy source – and with natural ventilation, the Invisible Garden House is very comfortable and inviting even in the colder weather. The structure can be reproduced with different shapes and sizes of individual domes to meet the end user’s needs.

Project: SHJWORKS - Simon Hjermin Jensen http://shjworks.dk
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2013
Photography: Courtesy of SHJWORKS
Link: Fire Shelter 01, http://www.floornature.com/blog/fire-shelter-01-shjworks-denmark-8448/, Architecture and Performance http://www.floornature.com/blog/architecture-and-performance-the-velvet-state-by-sjhworks-for-the-roskilde-festival-8804/

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