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The Arch Cultural Centre, a project by 3XN.
The cultural centre “The Arch” (Buen) in Mandal, Southern Norway expresses profound respect for the town and landscape. It was designed by the Danish firm 3XN often involved in community architecture.

The answer to the wish of the town Mandal is an old industrial factory converted into a new cultural centre for the community.

The Arch offers activities for all ages, ranging from the theatre to cinema, auditorium to library and even art gallery to café, becoming a meeting place with a spectacular view of the river for the town’s 15,000 inhabitants.

The outstanding aspect of the project is the perfect integration of the construction with the charming natural landscape. The centre’s soft, sinuous shape is like a carpet fitting into the context while natural light flows in through the glass façade interacting with the exterior as it overlooks the river.

This dialogue with nature is highlighted by external areas facing south designed for relaxation with a view of the river where 3XN are building a new bridge.
The colour, scale and proportions of the building correspond to the typical wooden houses of the area, reinforcing the cultural centre’s sense of belonging to the river, forest and small islands.
As stated by the director of “The Arch” (or “Buen”, - the name of the centre in Norwegian), “... the Arch is a dream come true for our entire community”.

Project: 3XN
(Team: Kim Herforth Nielsen, Jan Ammundsen, Eva Hviid-Nielsen, Peter Feltendal, Trine Gregersen, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Nanna Flintholm, Michael Soja, Thomas Käszner, Palle Holsting, Mette Baarup, Dan Hinge, Jørn Juul Sørensen, Ralf Wagner, Rasmus Holm, Lasse Lind, Jesper Thøger Christensen, Christian Bundegaard, Bodil Nordstrøm, Simon Hartmann-Petersen, Thomas Lykke Nielsen, Henriette Byrge, Rune Bech)
Client: Halse Eiendom
Area: 4,500 m2
Year: 2012
Gallery: Adam Mørk
Links: Liverpool Museum, http://www.floornature.com/blog/3xn-s-museum-of-liverpool-more-than-a-museum-8229/


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