Temporary structure: Pulse Pavilion, Macau.

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Temporary structure: Pulse Pavilion, Macau.
The third- and fourth-year undergraduate architecture students from the University of St Joseph in Macau, China, have designed and built a temporary structure that combines traditional materials with third millennium technology. And the result really grabs your attention.

A combination of advanced parametric software and traditional techniques and materials culminated in the construction of the Pulse Pavilion in Macau, where third- and fourth-year undergraduate architecture students worked alongside local expert craftsmen to build the bamboo structure.

A project that takes up the challenge of the infinite possibilities that bamboo offers – here in a temporary structure that people can enter and enjoy, a manifesto and a landmark responding to the visual identity of colourful Macau, which enjoys its own special political regime, like nearby Hong Kong.

The bamboo has been split down its length and connected and interwoven with fabric panels. This latticed framework is lined with an interactive LED system that changes colour and intensity as people move around and through the pavilion.

The students tested the potential of the bamboo with digital and physical models. The result is not only very striking but it also made them aware of something important: tradition and innovation are closely connected, technological know-how needs to be integrated with hands-on experience. Meaning that the tricks of this trade, passed down through the years by these skilled craftsmen can still come up with solutions that respect people and their environment.

Project information
Name: Pulse Pavilion
Location: Plaza Sai Van, Macau SAR, China.
Design: Third- and fourth-year undergraduate architecture students from the University of St Joseph (Luis Antunes, Miguel Augusto, Anna Baturkina, Chan Wai Hou, Chris Chang, Kelvin Cheang, James Cheung, Benny Chu, Rolan Franco, Gabriel Marques, Ronald Lam, Nestor San Valentin, Rico Tam, Francisco Tam Silveirinha, Sophia Yuen) led by guest professors Kristof Crolla and Dannes Kok.
Dates: On display 1–10 June 2013.
Support: Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD), Traxon Technologies (Lighting), Wing Yick Scaffolders (Bamboo), Wings Design Production Ltd. (Fabric), Macau Foundation, Macau Tower.
Photography: courtesy of staff and students of the University of Saint Joseph.

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