TAB-Lab at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale. The participants.


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There are only two weeks to go until the opening of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 and with it the unveiling of the TAB-Lab.

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TAB-Lab at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale. The participants. There are only two weeks to go until the opening of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 and with it the unveiling of the TAB-Lab. The “Research and Development Exhibition” is located in the Tallinn Cultural Hub, or the Kultuurikatel, setting of the film “Stalker” by Tarkovsky.

The Kultuurikatel is an exceptional location for dealing with the themes of the future of architecture and design. It was chosen for the TAB2015 event by the exhibition organisers Helen Pau and Damiano Cerrone from the international and multi-disciplinary group Spatial Intelligence Unit (SPINunit), to house the research and development exhibition.

The industrial building, which was still in use until 1979 as the Estonian capital's power plant, has been given a second lease of life and the TAB-Lab is the perfect occasion to see the place and to meet the innovaters in research and development of tomorrow's world of architecture.

Here at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale, on the theme of the “Self-Driven City”, the TAB-Lab exhibits a tangible approach to the new way of designing, seeing and thinking architecture, also thanks to digital culture. An impressive example of this is the work of the Latvian joint team of young architects and tech professionals in “World Without Architect?” which starts with the virtual reality experienced with Oculus glasses which are used to create architectural objects to be integrated in an urban environment. Another one is “The Exceptional & The Everyday: 144 hrs in Kiev”, research conducted by the media theorist Lev Manovich (Software Studies Initiative) who explores shared instagram images of scenes from the revolution in the centre of the Ukrainian capital in 2014 using computing and visualisation techniques.

Last but not least, there are 3D printing applications and the green theme also plays an important role thanks to the work of the Estonian Academy of Arts in “The Reverse Garden” and “Second Nature” by University of Applied Sciences.
Livegreenblog and Floornature, being media partners of  TAB2015, will be present at the opening and will tell you all about it live!

Christiane Bürklein

TAB-Lab, from 10 to 20 September 2015
Opening 9 September 2015 at 18:300
Location: Kultuurikatel, Tallinn, Estonia
Further information: sites TAB2015, www.spinunit.eu
List of exhibits
“The Exceptional and the Everyday: 144 hours in Kyiv” by L. Manovich, A. Tifentale, M. Yazdani, J. Chow www.the-everyday.net
“World without architect?” by G. Kuļikovska, Ē. Urtāns, K. Kalnišs, L. Kalniņš, M. Villere www.worldwithoutarchitect.com
“Experimental 3D-printed ceramic tiles” by L. Georgijeva, M. Kaasik ja T. Vahula from Protoinvent, www.protoinvent.com and StudioPALERMO www.studio-palermo.net
“ON/NO Ground. Shape the city all together” by group of professors and students from ENSA Nantes ensanantes.fr and Laboratory CRENAU www.crenau.archi.fr
“Pro Helsinki 2.0” by Urban Helsinki www.urbanhelsinki.fi
“Self-Driven image: The time is now” by Triin Pitsi www.triinpitsi.com
“The Reverse Garden” by group of students from Estonian Academy of Arts www.artun.ee
“Second Nature” by group of students from University of Applied Sciences www.tktk.ee
“Urban Meditation: Forgetting and Redesigning Architecture” by H. Yanar from Orpheus North Architects www.orpheusnortharchitects.fi
“Mold” by A. Sepsivart and M. Grimitliht www.sebahtian.blogspot.com
“Self-Replication” by T. Lints and R. Vilu from Competence Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies www.tftak.eu
“Squid” by I. Vukorep and R. Jubeh from Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
“The Next Helsinki” organised by Checkpoint Helsinki, Terreform and G.U.L.F www.nexthelsinki.org
“Paracity – Urban Acupuncture” by Casagrande Laboratory www.paracity.fi
OFL Architecture www.oflstudio.com
Cityvision competitions www.cityvisionweb.com/competitions

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